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In 2009, the Congress of the United States of America attempted to impeach the president Uncle Sam a total of three times.

First Impeachment Proposal

On the last day of Congress in February (Day 463), AidenAstrup proposed an Impeachment of President Uncle Sam, according to him as a joke. Although expected to be rapidly voted down, at one point it received the necessary 66% of votes needed to impeach the president.

Several citizens saw fit to denounce both congress for voting to impeach and AidenAstrup, for proposing what they viewed as an unwarranted impeachment.

In the end the proposal was defeated, concluding with votes: 40 NO : 23 YES.

Second Impeachment Proposal

A mere 15 days later (Day 478), ProggyPop (Party President of the United States Workers Party) called for the Impeachment of Uncle Sam. This was the closest Impeachment vote in the History of eUSA Congress. Some may think that Uncle Sam narrowly escaped impeachment with a vote of 24 NO : 23 YES, but impeachment proposals require a super majority (2/3 or 66% of the total numbers of votes) to pass.

Third Impeachment Proposal

This proposal passed, this is the proposal that kicked Uncle Sam out of office. This proposal was proposed on Day 487 by chimichonga barbosa. It barely passed with the final vote being 31 YES : 10 NO.