Uniao Brasileira

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Uniao Brasileira

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General Information
Country Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil
Abbreviation UB
Organization Uniao Brasileira ORG
Founded 17 May 2009
Dissolved 18 June 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Partido Republicano do Brasil
Succeeded By União Republicana Brasileira
Orientation Center

União Brasileira (Brazilian Union) was a political party in Brazil. Formed in first half of 2009, Uniao Brasileira, aka UB, was the second biggest center party in Brazil, right after PND. The Uniao Brasileira was formed after TiagoCamargo took the presidency of USB. Many members of USB were displeased and decided to leave and form a new party, until they were approached by members of the party Partido Republicano Brasileiro, where talks for a fusion started. A few weeks later, the dream became true PRB and the ex-members of USB, came together as one and formed the new party União Brasilera. They decided to become one, and united for eBrasil.

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Chronological order:
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Icon position party president.gif Presidents

Year Month Name
2009 May Gahnkaz
2009 15 June to 24 June Nosrial Olem
2009 24 June to 15 July Flausino
2009 July Flausino
2009 August Gulitiwi
2009 September Gahnkaz
2009 October Lucas DG
2009 November Nosrial Olem
2009 December Gahnkaz
2010 January Victorzin

Elected Congressman

January/February 2010 legislature

Name Region Obs.
Sergio Itagiba Southeast of Brazil Uniao Brasileira elected Congressman in this region after a long time
Carpanese Northeast of Brazil Most voted in that region
Missurunha X Central Venezuela -
Victorzin North of Brazil Wildcard
Vivillara Central Venezuela Most voted in that region
Wakko Gauteng Wildcard
thalita_t_t Gauteng Wildcard
Gulitiwi Parana and Santa Catarina Wildcard
Nosrial Olem Rio Grande do Sul -
Khev Venezuelan Andean Most voted in that region
Mahdi Cleitus North of Brazil Elected for Uniao Brasileira after an agreement with his original party: Uniao Socialista Brasileira

Buttons, Banners

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