Union Democrata Liberal

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Union Democrata Liberal

Party-Union Democrata Liberal.jpg‎
General Information
Country Flag-Chile.jpg Chile
Abbreviation UDL
Forum Forum
Founded November 15, 2009
President boskesurr
Members 5
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Union Democrata Liberal (UDL) is a political party in Chile, originally started under ID 2790.

The Beginning of UDL

The party Union Democrata Liberal (Eng. Liberal Democrats Union) also named UDL was created in Chile on November 15th of 2009, because a lot of internal fights in the party "Partido Nacional Republicano" (PNR). The party creators were Leanix & Daniel Ortega.

Union Democrata Liberal was born as a RIGHT party, with a Libertarian political view.

The party from the beginning caused a big impact in Chile, especially in the way of bringing politics.

One month, while Union Democrata Liberal was one of the big 5 parties in Chile, one day before the Congress elections, the party was blocked by Partido Nacional Republicano, which stopped the raise of UDL.

Once the obstacles was solved, this two parties (UDL & PNR) formed an alliance, later known as "Alianza por eChile". They presents Leanix as the presidential candidate, who was elected in December of 2009.

Transcendence of UDL

The party from the beginning has a lot of active players, and often do a great job for Chile. Representing the party in the Congress, Ministers or even in the President of Chile.

UDL was the cradle of new players, a lot of newbies preferred it and its way of do politics in Chile. It offered different kind of benefits to militants and the best education about eRepublik in Chile, a medical Center for their injuries and free food if they need.