Union of Patriots

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Union of Patriots

Party-Union of Patriots.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Abbreviation UP
Forum [1]
Colors Red, Blue, Yellow, Black
Founded Day 1334
President Edjatful
Vice President Leon Reno
Members +- 55
Congress Occupancy 11/40 seats, 28%
Succeeds Nationalist Union
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The Nationalist Union is a new political party in South Africa. The party was founded on Day 1334 by the new party president, Lev Hilaciam. The Nationalist Union succeeds the Constitutional Equality Party. The Nationalist Union espouses a pro-security agenda with a focus on foreign policy and immigration. NU went through some considerable changes on day 1459 when Enriche2Ribeiro and Wilpanzer1 revived it. The party was 8 members strong with only 2 active members and a few PTO'ers. Day 1469 marked 31 members in the new party Union of Patriots. A dramatic increase of about 287%. However, UP still faced a lot of challenges including that of eliminating PTO'ers in its ranks and making a positive, constructive influence on eSA. The year of 2012 brought a lot of ups and downs to UP. It lost many of its multis and PTO'ers, but it also lost a great part of its core leadership. A drought period of 3 months started mid-year where numbers dwindled. One of UP's notable leaders during this period was Alfredo the Sauce. Alfredo kept the party together for a long time. The numbers increased again after the drought period, but a series of CP losses started. Today(Dec 2012) UP is strong again, ready to take eSA's challenges head on.

Core Leadership

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Party President
The Party President is the main leader of the Union of Patriots in-game and on forum. He/she is responsible for arranging congressional candidates and supporting a CP candidate every term.
Vice President .
Léon Reno .
The VP is tasked with advising and helping the PP in administrating and leading the party. The VP will also take necessary measures when the PP is absent to keep the country and party safe. . .
. . .
. .
Secretary General .
SM333ZA .
SG manages the heart of the party, he/she defends the constitution and makes sure that PPs and VPs abide with the manifesto the party was originally set up with. .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . .
Spokesperson Councillor Communications Director IT Administrator Position Placeholder
WastelandENT Lord Elrond Hubbard WastelandENT Willdeboer (Vacant)
The spokesperson amplifies the voice of the party. He/she handles public relations and makes sure the people in the party have a heard voice. Councillor handles all internal affairs of the party. The Communications Director makes sure that the party contacts new citizens and immigrants. He/she runs the recruitment drive of the party The IT administrator makes sure that the wiki is up to date and manages the UP IRC channel. NA


UP believes in putting eSA first. A strong domestic policy coupled with strict and well planned foreign policy makes UP a party that can ensure development of both individuality and that of a whole nation. We believe in giving everyone a chance. The people are the bloodline of the nation, without low levelers and veterans alike, our country would be weak.

Domestic Policy UP consists of citizens who are passionate in helping new people. We believe that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and that's why we strive to accommodate anyone in need of supplies or help. We believe that domestic policy should take just as much priority as Security and Defense and that in order for the country to develop, a variety of leadership is needed in the cabinet and congress. In the end UP is less a representative of the people, UP is the people.

Foreign Policy UP is determined to establish solid relations with other countries possibly in the near future. We believe not only in reviving relations, but building new ones. If eSA doesn't take at least a bit of priority in an alliance or if we are being used, we don't support. UP also believes in helping immigrants with sincere agendas acquire citizenship to increase our manpower.

Security UP believes in giving everyone a chance, but we realize that we need to safeguard our borders against those who wish to use cowardice to destroy our country. We therefore invest a lot of time and effort in watching and preventing untrusted people from hurting our country.