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United Belgian Independents Party

Party-United Belgian Independents.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgium
Abbreviation UBIP
Website The UBIP
Forum unitedindependents.us
Colors Red, Yellow, and Black
Founded 7 April 2011
Dissolved June 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /30 seats, 0%
Succeeds CSC-Crazy, Sexy, Cool-Party
Succeeded By Belgian Communist Party
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The United Belgian Independents Party (UBIP) is a political party in Belgium that believes in national unity, a strong and safe eBelgium, independent thinking, and having a good time. Focused on national service and citizen education, The United Belgian Independents Party pushes for clean government, responsible national leaders, good ideas ideas over personal politics, and for the continued strength and safety of the state of eBelgium. It is an independent branch of the United Independents Party of the eUSA.


The current UBIP is a resurrection of an earlier party of the same name that dissolved in January 2011. It was refounded after Chris Stanwick became party president of the CSC-Crazy, Sexy, Cool-Party and renamed it the United Belgian Independents Party. The party was founded with three primary goals:

  • Build National Unity - Belgium had experienced a domestic political "revolution" in the months prior to the founding of the UBIP. The community had been cast into turmoil and many of the political parties had lost some of their influence and esteem in the wake of the "revolution". The UBIP was founded to build national unity by bringing together citizens from across the political spectrum in order to forge better relations amongst the parties.
  • Develop New Players into Future Country Leaders - Belgium has long been governed by a select group of well-established citizens. The country presidents, Congress members, and party leaders were typically the oldest, most experienced citizens, and were re-elected month after month with little regard to newer players. The UBIP made developing these newer players into future country leaders one of its primary responsibilities. In its first Congressional election in April 2011, the UBIP ran two new players, both of whom were elected to Congress.
  • Encourage Community Involvement - As a small nation, Belgium has had difficulty convincing citizens to take part in the off-site community. The UBIP tasks its members to become active members of the community, joining the forum and participating on IRC. Members are encouraged to become active on the party forum as well. An active community is one which survives and convinces new players to remain.

The UBIP grew quickly in Belgian terms, overtaking the Belgian Democratic Front in late April to become the fourth largest party in Belgium. Many of the new members were newer players, born in 2011 and active for the first time. In the first party president election in April 2011, President Chris Stanwick was narrowly defeated by Ray Captain, who took office on 18th April. In the May 2011 Country President election, the UBIP endorsed the candidacy of mittekemuis. On 30th April, President Ray Captain resigned and the presidency was passed on to M.Leviathin, the party member with the highest experience. The following day, M.Leviathin briefly resigned and left the party to transfer the party presidency to Chris Stanwick.

On 11th May, the UBIP overtook Res Belgica as the third largest party in Belgium with 16 members. Chris Stanwick was re-elected party president on 15th May. Monsieur Guillontine was elected party president unopposed on 15th June. However, after Monsieur Guillontine became the party president, the party was soon dissolved and converted into the Belgian Communist Party after approval from most UBIP members.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is nearly identical to that of the United Independents Party, with the addition of a section about our dedication to eBelgium.

UNITED - It is through unity that we find strength as a party. We are united in a desire to put the good of the country before the good of our party. We are also united in our belief in the importance of equal opportunity and free speech. We believe that debate and an open competition of ideas is critical in helping to determine the direction of both our party and country. We uphold the importance of friendliness, helpfulness, and charity, believing that people are more important than politicking. Our goal is to move the nation forward together in the best possible way, and to define that way through intelligent debate.

BELGIAN - We pledge to put the best interest of eBelgium ahead of ourselves and our party. This is critical to our national unity, development, and survival. We accept members from all backgrounds and all countries, but we expect all to put the good of eBelgium first in their eHearts and eMinds. We are dedicated to the existence of a State of eBelgium in eRepublik, and when we are threatened as a nation, we will seek to ensure eBelgium’s survival above all other personal and party concerns.

INDEPENDENTS - Our party recognizes the foundational importance of individualism and free thought. Our party makes no member requirements based on political ideologies. We reject the notion of a "hive mentality" and stand as a party for those who don't wish to be part of a mindless conglomerate. We recognize the value of every party member, and are committed to supporting candidates and leadership solely on the basis of individual merit.

PARTY - We are committed to having a good time! We strive to create a positive atmosphere where all people, both members and non-members alike, feel valued and welcomed. Our goal is to not simply be a party, but a community that will help keep everyone motivated and entertained. We pledge to work hard to in trying to be genuinely helpful to our party members, our fellow citizens, our nation, and our world.

Partnership with the UIP

The UBIP is a branch of the American United Independents Party (UIP). However, the UBIP operates as independent branch made up entirely of Belgians and dedicated to the strength, growth, and security of Belgium. The UBIP shares the UIP forum, which allows UBIP members access to private UBIP boards, UIP educational and resource programs, and an active community. The UBIP controls its own destiny.

Party Presidents

Party Presidents Tenure Note
Citizen1461936.jpg Chris Stanwick 7 April 2011 18 April 2011 Founder
Citizen1821789.jpg Ray Captain 18 April 2011 30 April 2011 Resigned
Citizen1694622.png M.Leviathin 30 April 2011 1 May 2011 Resigned
Citizen1461936.jpg Chris Stanwick 1 May 2011 15 June 2011
Citizen4577953 v3.jpg Monsieur Guillontine 16 June 2011

Party Representation

Country Presidents

On 27 May 2011, UBIP endorsed party president Chris Stanwick as the party candidate for president, the party's first candidate.

Members of Congress

The UBIP has been represented in the Belgian Congress since the first Congressional election after founding. It is currently the third largest party in Belgium.

April 2011 Election

Having been refounded on 7 April 2011, the April 2011 Congressional election was the first the UBIP participated in. Four of five candidates were elected. With four Congress members, UBIP holds 13% of the Belgian Congress and achieved an 80% success rate.

Congress Member Icon - Congress.jpg Region Votes Mandate
GoopyPants Brussels 6 First
Monsieur Guillontine Brussels 6 First
M.Leviathin Wallonia 2 Eighth
Chris Stanwick Wallonia 2 Ninth

May 2011 Election

In their second Congressional election as a party, UBIP ran six candidates - one in Brussels, two in Wallonia, and three in Flanders. Achieving among the highest success rate amongst parties in the election, UBIP elected five of the six candidates, an 83% success rate. With five members, UBIP comprises 16.7% of the entire Congress.

Congress Member Icon - Congress.jpg Region Votes Mandate
Monsieur Guillontine Brussels 10 Second
Bert_en_Ernie Flanders 4 First
mudduck95 Flanders 3 Second
Chris Stanwick Wallonia 2 Tenth
GoopyPants Wallonia 2 Second

Cabinet Members

Since its founding on 7 April 2011, the UBIP has been represented in the executive Cabinet of Belgium.

NLSP Administration (6 April 2011 - 5 May 2011)

mittekemuis Administration (6 May 2011 - 5 June 2011)

mittekemuis Administration (6 June 2011 - 5 July 2011)

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