United Belgian Party

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United Belgian Party

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General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Abbreviation UBP
Forum [1]
Founded 26 May 2008
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By INGSOC
Orientation Center

The United Belgian Party was a political party in the United Kingdom. It was later renamed to INGSOC, but not before it gained as many as 85 members.


The UBP was formed on the 26th of May. It was a fusion between the BDP (Belgian Democratic Party) and the iBEL (Independence Belgian Party). The leaders of these party chose for the fusion to get a strong Belgian party within the UK borders.

The party was going to work with a fraction systems.

Party presidents

May 2008: Jordy Quinto (BDP fraction)

June 2008: CasperMoens (iBEL fraction)

Congressmen and Mayors


  • Jordy Quinto
  • Octavian86
  • CreveRoeland
  • Lossimos
  • CasperMoens
  • yuan_lee86
  • Malchert
  • Mike2008


Antwerp: RemiOvermeire (iBEL)

Brussels: Octavian86 (iBEL)


There were 3 fractions:

- The Independence Belgian Party fractie (14 members), fractionleader - Octavian86

- The Belgian Democratic Party fractie (11 members, fractionleader - Lossimos

- The Lijst-Quality fractie (2 members), fractionleader - Rik Deree

Party Elections

Every member can be a candidate for the elections. On the 7th of the month there will be a voting who is going to present their fraction. You have 24h time to vote. On elections day the party members can vote on the 4 fraction leader. The winner becomes party president.

Local elections

Its just the same like the party elections. Every fractions presents 1 candidate. On the 16th of the month there is a voting to see who becomes the candidate for the elections. You have 24h time to vote.