United Bulgaria

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United Bulgaria

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General Information
Country Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria
Abbreviation UB
Founded April 19, 2010
President alexandr0v
Members 368
Congress Occupancy 12/40 seats, 30%
Succeeds National Union eBULGARIA
Succeeded By Liberali
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian


United Bulgaria was formed on April 19, 2010 by Georgi Pepelyankov. It wanted to serve as an alternative to the currently existing parties and to serve as a bridge between the old and new Bulgarian players. On day 1575 eDarkAngel announced that he will reform the party into a new one. On day 1614 United Bulgaria was renamed to Liberali


Date Party President Date Party President Date Party President
January 2011 alexandr0v January 2012 alexandr0v
February 2011 The Graverobber February 2012 RECTOR of TU Gabrovo
March 2011 primma March 2012 eDarkAngel
April 2010 unknown April 2011 alexandr0v
May 2010 unknown May 2011 alexandr0v
June 2010 IvJorell June 2011 RECTOR of TU Gabrovo
July 2010 Zmei Gorianin July 2011 Aleksandar Petkov
August 2010 Batbaian August 2011 Aleksandar Petkov
September 2010 IvJorell September 2011 Aleksandar Petkov
October 2010 alexandr0v October 2011 alexandr0v
November 2010 alexandr0v November 2011 alexandr0v
December 2010 alexandr0v December 2011 alexandr0v


Country Presidents from this party

see List of presidents of Bulgaria

Term President Cabinet
March 2010 Melliores see Cabinet
July 2010 eDarkAngel see Cabinet
August 2010 eDarkAngel see Cabinet
September 2010 eDarkAngel see Cabinet
November 2010 The Graverobber see Cabinet
April 2011 eDarkAngel see Cabinet
May 2011 Todor Totev see Cabinet
August 2011 eDarkAngel see Cabinet