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United Independents Party

Party-United Independents Party.png
General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation UIP
Newspaper The UIP Bulletin
Organization United Independents Party
Forum unitedindependents.us
Colors Red, White, and Blue
Founded February 5th, 2009
Dissolved Late 2012 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Succeeds United Constitutionalists Party
Succeeded By Party 100
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The United Independents Party (abbreviated as "UIP") was a political party in the United States of America. It was previously known as the United Constitutionalists Party (UCP), and before that as the GameFAQ's Party (GFAQ). It was unique in the United States for having no unifying political ideology, with members from across the political spectrum. Instead, the party claims to be united around a primary concern for the well-being of the country and the camaraderie of the membership.

The party has been defunct since November 2012.


The GameFAQ's Party

The United Independents Party was started in late 2007 as the GameFAQ's Party, formed by members of the GameFAQ's forums.

The United Constitutionalists Party

After the election of Justinious McWalburgson III to party president, the party changed its name to the United Constitutionalists Party to become more welcoming to all members of eRepublik.

As the face of the game changed after the release of V1, more new players joined other parties and there was less participation from old members of the GameFAQs Party. Because of this, the new UCP's power in US politics fell slightly in the wake of new political powerhouses, the Libertarian Party and the United States Workers Party. The UCP was generally regarded as about the third or fourth most powerful party in the United States.

Time: June 2008-January 2009

The United Independents Party


After Justinious McWalburgson III's six month reign was over, Angrr ran for Party President and succeeded. As Party President, he proposed the UCP (United Constitutionalists Party) change their name to the UIP (United Independents Party). The name change was debated for some time, and upon its adoption received some ridicule from outsiders for being an apparent oxymoron. It was universally agreed upon within the party, however, that the new name more accurately represented the ideology of the party. While Angrr experienced some difficulties in mobilizing the members of the party, his term is looked upon as a success, especially because of the name change that had been implemented. After his term was up in January, Angrr moved to eJapan.

Party President(s) during this period: Angrr

Time: January 16, 2009 - February 15, 2009

The Young UIP Struggles

With a new party name, the UIP was technically young on the eUS political landscape. After Angrr, NoneSuch took control of the party. The party was losing members, and most of all, activity. The party was now the fifth largest in the US, and was losing ground quickly. NoneSuch re-instituted the party cabinet, but was only able to fill a couple positions. NoneSuch found some success in creating several new party programs, including his own "Rent-to-Own" housing program.

Party President(s) during this period: NoneSuch

Time: February 16, 2009 - March 15, 2009

Pi Paves A New Road

In March of 2009, a young lady by the name of PrincessMedyPi won the PP elections. She, by far, was the most popular, and influential leaders the party had seen in a while. At the same time, she was Scrabman's Vice President during his partial term after Uncle Sam's impeachment. She brought a fun, welcoming atmosphere to the party and numbers were showing that it was working. Activity began to increase, and the UIP even experienced a good Congressional cycle, getting multiple members into Congress. She clearly set a precedent as a fun, productive leader.

Party President(s) during this period: PrincessMedyPi

Time: March 16, 2009 - April 15, 2009

Ansen's Reign

In April of 09', one of the UIP's most storied leaders came into power, Ansen. Elected by a wide margin, Ansen immediately called for a UIP of "quality over quantity." He instituted a more wide-ranging Cabinet to gain more participation in the leadership by the members of the party. The party experienced the best congressional election in party history, taking 11 seats - the second most of any party in the US. Ansen won his bids for re-election in May and June handily, serving three terms in total, and the party continued to grow under his leadership.

Party President(s) during this period: Ansen

Time: April 16, 2009 - July 15, 2009

The World War 3 Decline

While the UIP was at it's peak, they had become the 4th largest party in the eUS. Then in late July during Joshua Hoss' term, World War 3 came about. The party's focus went to saving the nation as a whole rather than getting members into Congress, just as every party's did. In a matter of a month or two, the eUS was obliterated by PEACE GC and taken down to only one region, Florida. Party numbers took a hit, largely. The UIP went from about 550 members to 250. The eUS and the rest of the parties would recover, but not the UIP. Once the eUS was whole again, the UIP lost all of it's wasteland state members. From July all the way through January, the UIP as a party was practically dead with a few active core members. The party had fallen out of the top 5 largest parties, for the Federalist Party had passed them at #5.

Party President(s) during this period: Joshua Hoss, StygianSteel, Blake Chrysostom, AndraX2000

Time: July 16, 2009 - January 15, 2010

Exodus To Israel, Minor Activity Increases

With the nation reunited, but against partisanship, the eUS became a bit stagnant in the early months of 2010. A fair amount of UIP members left on a venture to Israel in search of something new and interesting. This got rid of the few active core members. January of 2010 in the UIP was led by Tepwnzor. He had a challenge ahead of him. He needed to get new faces in the UIP, for most of the old ones had left. Using a new recruiting tool created by previous PP AndraX2000, Tepwnzor successfully organized a young cabinet, increasing retention a bit. However, the UIP had fallen to it's lowest yet, the #7 spot. To those who were around him, Tepwnzor was seen as an open minded, laid back, understanding leader.

Party President(s) during this period: Tepwnzor

Time: January 16, 2010 - April 15, 2010

Party President Hacked, ATO Influx

Long time party member Kazeal took the reigns in April of 2010. His term, however, would be cut short. Through a series of hackings, Kazeal would have to give up his in game title of PP to long time member and former eUSA President, Jewitt. He would, however, carry out the duties of PP throughout the forums. Earlier that month, the UIP had a HUGE boost in members. This was due to a national cooperation between parties to keep PTOers off of the presidential candidates list. The UIP was boosted up to #5, and had over 600 members. Only time would tell if the UIP could maintain this many members.

Party President(s) during this period: Kazeal

Time: April 16, 2010 - May 15, 2010

UIP Grows, Finally Recovers

After Kazeal's term, Secretary of Elections and long time Congress member Illithian won the Party Presidency. Early on, however, he showed signs of inactivity. He was asked to step down, which he gratefully did. His VPP, Chris Shnitzel traded places with him. Chris maintained the number of party members from the month of April and the UIP for a small amount of time was the #3 party, trading places with SEES and TAMA. Herr Nicholas took over after Shnitzel and was PP in the month of June '10. The UIP rose in numbers and activity levels, even placing 10 members in Congress in May of 2010, the most in almost a year. It is fair to say that the UIP had climbed out of the cellar that World War 3 locked them in. In early July the UIP created the IIS, to combat PTOs and Multis.

Party President(s) during this period: Illithian, Chris Shnitzel, Herr Nicholas

Time: May 16, 2010 - July 15, 2010

A New Era begins, a constitution is drafted, and Israeli and Belgian UIP's are formed

During the beginning of J03 Freyer's term, the UIP drafted and passed a new UIP Constitution, which will be implemented during Justin and Pheno's term. The most notable feature of this new constitution is the establishment an internal legislature, executive cabinet, and supreme court, all of which have separate powers that serve as checks and balances on each other.

Also during the beginning of J03 Freyer's term, a foreign branch of the United Independents Community was created in eIsrael; dubbing themselves the United Israeli Independents party, they got off to a running start, quickly setting up their offices on the United Independents forum and taking a very large number of seats in the eIsraeli Knesset. The UIIP is led by CRoy, and continues to be a great success in eIsraeli politics. It is rumored that the leaders of the two branches are recently talking about establishing a third branch.

During the August UIP PP elections the Party President Primary was very tight. Justin McCravok and Pheno Sony were neck-and-neck throughout the entirety of the race; after the primary went into overtime, and still remained a tie, the two candidates agreed to be Co-PPs, with the winner of a Rock-Paper-Scissors match taking the in-game title. The R-P-S match was originally set to be 6 out of 10, but it ended in a tie; the two candidates also tied the next three rounds of sudden death until, finally, Justin McCravok scored a point and was declared the winner. This is the first time in UIP history that the UIP has set up a system of CO-PPs.

Then in September the United Independents Party opened its second foreign branch. This one brings the UIP branch count up to 3 worldwide. The 3 branch is a Belgium party. The party is known as the United Belgian Independents Party. The UBIP President is M.Leviathin.

Party Presidents during this period: J03 Freyer, Justin McCravok & Pheno Sony

Time: July 16, 2010- October 15th, 2010

Top 5 cooperation and a New Constitution

During the October congressional election, the top 5 noticed a lot of congressional PTO's lately. So they all worked together to prevent any PTO's getting into congress. The UIP congressmen won each of their states with little to no competition, and was a PTO free month of congress.

Pheno Sony saw that the constitution was binding, and difficult to maneuver around as PP. He, and a few other UIP members, redrafted the constitution, excluding the legislation and the judicial branches of the UIP.

Party Presidents during this period: Justin McCravok & Pheno Sony

Time: Late 2010

The UIP Rises Again

In August 2012, CrayolaButthole came to Thedillpickl with a proposal. That they bring back the UIP. In September 2012 the UIP was revamped. Brought back with all the same beliefs as before.

Time: August 2012 - End

Party Ideology

Party-United Independents Party v2.jpg
The UIP is unique among political parties in that it finds its identity in its social values rather than a set political agenda. The party emphasizes the value of both the individual and the country over partisanship and politicking.

The attitude of the UIP was summed up by former Party President Angrr, "The UIP is so full of win, we take it personally when the nation fails."

Party Mission Statement

UNITED - It is through unity that we find strength as a party. We are united in a desire to put the good of the country before the good of our party. We are also united in our belief in the importance of equal opportunity and free speech. We believe that debate and an open competition of ideas is critical in helping to determine the direction of both our party and country. We uphold the importance of friendliness, helpfulness, and charity, believing that people are more important than politicking. Our goal is to move the nation forward together in the best possible way, and to define that way through intelligent debate.

INDEPENDENTS - Our party recognizes the foundational importance of individualism and free thought. Our party makes no member requirements based on political ideologies. We reject the notion of a "hive mentality" and stand as a party for those who don't wish to be part of a mindless conglomerate. We recognize the value of every party member, and are committed to supporting candidates and leadership solely on the basis of individual merit.

PARTY - We are committed to having a good time! We strive to create a positive atmosphere where all people, both members and non-members alike, feel valued and welcomed. Our goal is to not simply be a party, but a community that will help keep everyone motivated and entertained. We pledge to work hard to in trying to be genuinely helpful to our party members, our fellow citizens, our nation, and our world.

United Independents Party Constitution

Is a party constitution drafted by Kazeal and other party members. It was then passed unanimously. The constitution was passed and enacted July 29th, 2010. It was redrafted by Pheno Sony November 4th, 2010 and can be seen here

Foreign branches

United Israeli Independents
United Belgian Independents

Right around June the UIP had dreams of expanding worldwide. Well those dreams would become actuality. In July CRoy an Israeli had just created his own party. Then named The Israeli Democratic Party. He agreed he would rename the party the United Israeli Independents party.

2 months later the UIP would add yet another foreign party. When UIP/UIIP passed a vote to open another foreign branch. M.Leviathin agreed to rename his party to the United Belgian Independents Party.

Israel- United Israeli Independents Party

Belgium- United Belgian Independents Party

Party Programs

This is a list of the many party programs the UIP was offering:

  • UIP Book Club/ Sub Club - Have a new article? Need some votes or more subscribers? Advertise your paper in the UIP Book Club and watch your paper grow!
  • UIP Militia - The newly formed UIP Militia is here to help new players on there way to learning how to fight most effectively in eRepublik and learn the mechanics behind the War Module. If you are a new player in between 0 and 5 strength, the UIP Militia Wants You!
  • The Official UIP Make a Friend Thread - Don't have time to friend all of the UIP? Why not friend those who are most active? Friendship with the best and brightest in the UIP is just a few clicks away on the UIP Make a Friend Thread!
  • Independence Investigative Service - The FBI of the UIP. We screen candidates an keep a lookout for PTOers. Someone seem suspicious, we'll check them out.
  • UIP Moving Assistance Program (MAP) - If you need a Moving Ticket and you can't pay for it, the MAP is the perfect way to get one for free!
  • Wellness Assistance Program (WAP) - If you need some more wellness but you can not afford it, the UIP is here to help! Just fill out the WAP Form and expect some gifts within the next 24 hours!

These programs were available in this thread on the UIP forum!

Last known Party organization

Executive Cabinet

Party President: Pheno Sony

Vice Party President: Melissa Rose

Chief of Staff: Dan Heylin

-Deputy Chief of Staff: GenMcBeckerson


Department of the Independence Investigation Service

Director of the Independence Investigation Service: CrayolaButthole

-Chief of the IIS: Caden Wayne

Elections Department

Secretary of Elections: Melissa Rose

- Chief of Elections: S-Mac31

Department of Members

Secretary of Members: -

-Chief of Members: -

Department of Recruitment

Secretary of Recruitment: Elari Reili

-Chief of Recruitment: Jason Welsh

Publications Department

Secretary of Publications: Jason Stiltner

-Chief of Publications: GenMcBeckerson

-Writers Guild Head:

Department of Communications

Secretary of Communications: Kazeal

-Chief of Communications: Csabo07

-Chief of Shout Squad: Pheno Sony & J03 Freyer

-Chief of IPA: Pheno Sony

Lower Cabinets

Education Department

Secretary of Education: The Sensei

Department of Technology

Secretary of Technology: Herr Nicholas

Chief of Technology: Shino336

Fun Department

Secretary of Fun: GenMcBeckerson

Chief of Fun: Jason Welsh & Thedillpickl

Last known UIP Congressional Representatives

October 2010

In October 2010, the top 5 parties worked together in an amazing way, almost all of them getting in legit candidates and with very little PTO threat.

Congressmen Icon - Congress.jpg State
CrayolaButthole Oklahoma
Dan Heylin Hawaii
Athanaric Virginia
The Sensei Delaware
Herr Vootsman Wisconsin
Justin McCravok New York
Pearcey333 Nebraska

The UIP Legislative

When the constitution was created, the constitutions stated that a Legislative Branch would be Formed. Composed of 7 members the branch is responsible for voting on party funds, activities, and a budget. As of November, 2010 Pheno Sony redrafted the UIP's constitution to exclude the UIP's legislation completely and all powers were tranfered over to the cabinet. This was the last Legislative team in the UIP

Icon - Congress.jpg

Legislator Position
Kazeal Legislator
Little Benny Legislator
Caden Wayne Legislator
Shino336 Speaker of Legis

History of Party Presidents of the UIP

Past Party Presidents

Party President Icon position party president.gif Tenure Party Name
New Faustian Man August '12 - September '12 United Independents Party
GLaDOS July '12 - August '12 United Independents Party
Emerick March '12 - July '12 United Independents Party
Athanaric January '12 - March '12 United Independents Party
CerbisWar December '11 - January '12 United Independents Party
Jason Welsh November '11 - December '11 United Independents Party
Thedillpickl October '11 - November '11 United Independents Party
Kijiman September '11 - October '11 United Independents Party
Thedillpickl August '11 - September '11 United Independents Party
Jason Welsh July '11 - August '11 United Independents Party
Shino336 June '11 - July '11 United Independents Party
warriorX May '11 - June '11 United Independents Party
Kazeal April '11 - May '11 United Independents Party
S-Mac31 March '11 - April '11 United Independents Party
Ssomo February '11 - March '11 United Independents Party
Pheno Sony January '11 - February '11 United Independents Party
Athanaric November '10 - January '11 United Independents Party
Pheno Sony October '10 - November '10 United Independents Party
Justin McCravok September '10 - October '10 United Independents Party
Justin McCravok & Pheno Sony August '10 - September '10 United Independents Party
J03 Freyer July '10 - August '10 United Independents Party
Herr Nicholas June '10 - July '10 United Independents Party
Chris Shnitzel/Illithian May '10 - June '10 United Independents Party
Kazeal April '10 - May '10 United Independents Party
Tepwnzor January '10 - April '10 United Independents Party
AndraX2000 November '09 - January '10 United Independents Party
Blake Chrysostom October '09 - November '09 United Independents Party
StygianSteel August '09 - October '09 United Independents Party
Joshua Hoss July '09 - August '09 United Independents Party
Ansen April '09 - July '09 United Independents Party
PrincessMedyPi March '09 - April '09 United Independents Party
NoneSuch February '09 - March '09 United Independents Party
Angrr January '09 - February '09 United Independents Party
Justinious McWalburgson III June '08 - December '08 UCP
ExoM7 May '08 - June '08 GameFAQs
InfernoSD February '08 - May '08 GameFAQs
Joseph Salute December '07 - February '08 GameFAQs

UIP Country President's

Country President Icon position country president.gif Tenure
Justinious McWalburgson III January 6, 2009 - February 5, 2009
Jewitt December 6, 2009 - February 5, 2010

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