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Chief of Police

The role of a "chief of police" of sorts was discussed for some time before being proposed in it's entirety as an official role in the House of Commons. Parliament approved this role as an official policy of the UK on 5th July 2008.

Current Chief of Police

The first ever chief of police was Kaleb, who still holds the position. He also has a deputy chief of police who works for him, this is Nelsaidi.

The Rights and Roles of the Chief of Police

- this role entails investigating and reporting possible multi-accounters to admins.

-Individual citizens and mayors are encouraged to report suspicions via PM to the Chief of Police who will then investigate further, and report formally to admins , with evidence, if appropriate.

-The Chief of Police is responsible for drawing up a list of multi accounting ‘indicators’ and keeping mayors informed so they know what to look out for. This should be done by PM to avoid such indicators being made public and acting as a multi's handbook!

- The Chief of Police is appointed by congress but need not be a congressman

- The Chief of Police may be sacked by congress if he/she abuses the authority of the post

- The use of open forums to denounce suspected multis will be actively discouraged and such threads may be locked and/or deleted.

- If the admins on eRepublik ban then the multi-accounter will be permanently banned on the eUK forums.

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