United Kingdom Elite Forces

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United Kingdom Elite Forces

Default coat of arms.png

General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Region London
Colors Black and Gold
Total Soldiers Classified
Commanded by metalmicky999
Part of British Armed Forces

The United Kingdom Elite Forces (short: UKEF), is the highest-damage unit of the British Armed Forces. Formed on the 2nd of July, 2011, it is a splinter of the UK Special Forces comprised of the top 35 soldiers by average daily influence in combat.


An average of 200,000 influence/day over the course of a week is required to be invited to, and remain in, the UKEF. Soldiers who consistently drop below this threshold are returned-to-unit in the UKSF.


Due to it's elite status, soldiers of the UKEF receive more weapons from commune labour; up to 16 tanks per day. Soldiers are tasked with acquiring food privately however, but due to the age of most soldiers this is not a problem.

Command staff

Commanding Officer Executive Officer Dates
Air Chief Marshal metalmicky999 Rear Admiral Iain Keers 2 July 2011 - Unknown
Air Vice Marshal Steeeev Colonel Darkmantle Unknown - 18 September 2011
Major General Darkmantle 19 September 2011 - Present