United Kingdom Special Forces

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United Kingdom Special Forces

United Kingdom Special Forces.jpg

Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to crap yourself in silence

General Information
Formation 25th January 2011
Disbanded 31st December 2011
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Region London
Total Soldiers Classified
Part of British Armed Forces

The United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF) was a Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom) Directorate, and the elite branch of the British Armed Forces for most of 2011.


Director Special Forces
Maj Gen Jimbojoy
Special Forces Soldiers

Rank Structure

NATO Code OR-5 OF-1 OF-5 OF-7 OF-10
Rank Airman.png
Major General
RPR-Rank4.png Staff-Field Marshal-Decorative.png
Field Marshal
Abbreviation Pte Lt Col Maj Gen FM

History of the United Kingdom Special Forces

Unit Commanders, United Kingdom Special Forces
From To Director Special Forces (DSF)
SAS-Major General.png Major General Count Drakula
SAS-Major General.png Major General Frerk
SAS-Major General.png Major General Artela
SAS-Major General.png Major General Metalmicky999
SAS-Major General.png Major General Jhorlin
SAS-Major General.png Major General Ecksohh
SAS-Major General.png Major General Bron Avery
RPR-Rank3.png Major General Sir Humphrey Appleby
RPR-Rank3.png Major General Jimbojoy

Up until ecksohh became CO of the UKSF, it remained as a Part of the UKSF/UKEF combination of supplying. However the unit was merged in September 2011 after the fall of London to raise activity and competition, as well as simplifying supply. During the British Armed Forces tri-service structure, the UKSF retained a the regimented military organisation, comprised of the following sub-divisions.

Admittance to a particular regiment depended upon which branch of the British Armed Forces a soldier had previously served in. However soon after being appointed, ecksohh abolished this regimental system in favour of a simple command - soldier structure.

End of Service

Sir Humphrey Appleby led the MU throughout the premiership of Temujin94 and served in the Ministry of Defence in addition. When he took on the full duties on the Minister of Defence, he remained CO of the UKSF for a short period to transition to the leadership to Jimbojoy, who served as Major General and CO of the MU until the military reforms of Thomas765. Many of the members of the UKSF would go on to found the core membership of its successor, the British Expeditionary Force.