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The United Party of Canada (UPC) was a political party in Canada, it was founded on October 1st 2012 by Ardikus V2 and Lord Julian Moretti by merger of several parties.

The principal parties to have taken part in the merge were the Prosperity Party of Canada and the Canadian Paradox Party, other parties like EPIC and CVP took part in a lesser extent. The Party is now defunct.

United Party of Canada

Party-United Party of Canada.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Abbreviation UPC
Forum UPC Forum
Colors Burgundy and White
Founded October 1st 2012
Dissolved Summer 2013 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Several parties
Succeeded By United Canada
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The First Month

The UPC was released on October 1st 2012 and found encouragement from many prominent Canadian figures looking for a political home. Through encouraging recruiting, those early members drove the membership of the party into the Top 5. The UPC elected Lord Julian Moretti as the first party president for a half term, beginning October 1st. Other crucial members at this early stage were frank139, Toad22, Ardikus V2.

Following Moretti's first highly successful term it was the decision of the party forum to elect him for the second term. However, Moretti refused which made way for Lord Beorn to take the helm. The first official elections were actually quite close, as Beorn won by only 5 votes.

Political Difficulties

November PTO Attempt

On November 15th 2012, Black Soo Man, a known associate of Rolo Tahmasee, joined the party less than an hour before the beginning of the election. He proceeded to enter the Party Presidental Race and begun the election with an early lead of more than a dozen votes. It was through the support of the Canadian Progressive Front and Clan Wolf, as well as high degrees of organisation within the UPC that Lord Beorn was elected over the Coalition candidate.

Presidental Removal, Decline, and Death

On November 25th 2012, Lord Beorn, the serving Party President, was permanently banned for use of Multiple accounts. It was later revealed he was the user of several accounts, Tyrael.Snow, Sabzii and others. This only added to the hardships faced by the UPC. After Beorn's removal, the Party slowly declined.

The November Congress elections gave the UPC the smallest percentage in the Congress. A new party, Imperial Party of Canada, founded by the president ElPatoDiablo rose rapidly and ultimately pushed the UPC out of the Top Five. After leaving the top five, the party declined even quicker and it was the seventh largest party in Canada. It became completely defunct and inactive leaving only 12 members behind in the shell party United Canada.

Party President

From Until President Vote % Notes
October 1, 2012 October 15, 2012 Lord Julian Moretti N/A
October 15, 2012 November 15, 2012 Lord Beorn 53.49
November 16, 2012 November 25, 2012 Lord Beorn 49.00 Banned for Multiple Accounts.
November 25, 2012 December 15, 2012 Xyzal666 N/A Interm PP due to having the highest EXP.
December 16, 2012 January 15, 2013 Jefflav 38.46 Party fell out of the top five
January 16, 2013 February 15, 2013 Internet Republik 47.37
February 16, 2013 March 15, 2013 Internet Republik 100
March 16, 2013 April 15, 2013 Internet Republik 66.67
April 16, 2013 May 15, 2013 thisidisnttaken 52.63
May 16, 2013 June 15, 2013 Doctor of Souls 50
June 16, 2013 July 15, 2013 Doctor of Souls 100