United Slavs

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United Slavs

Party-United Slavs.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic
Abbreviation US
Colors Light Blue
Founded June 2008
Dissolved N/A
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-Left

The United Slavs was a political party in the Czech Republic.


The United Slavs party, began as the National Czech Party was formed to take the former President, Yugi, out of power, and help the Czech Republic to survive the Hungary-Czech Republic War. Later once the threat of taking the country politically over by the National Islamic Socialist Party came it was reformed to the United Slavs, and most Czech citizens came to it.

The party continued to be a major force in Czech Politics after this. However, the Czech Right Union and eventually Nezavislost began to draw members away.

After surviving almost a year in the Czech Republic, as well as numerous takeover attempts, the July 2009 Party President elections saw the party fall into the hands of Polish unofficial TOers. It was renamed ODS, a RL Czech party. The TOers eventually left the congress.

After the election the members of the US were divided. Some wanted to take the opportunity to start a new party. This group, led by Carmen Polo, renamed the ČSSD Rainbow Alliance and created a new party for the Czech Republic. Those who wanted to keep the old United Slavs party active moved to one of the other Czech parties, and renamed it the New United Slavs, claiming to be the successors to the first party. However, New United Slavs, after resignation of twice party president logamac changed its name into New Czech Party under presidency of the_blasphemer, at the end of September 2009. On party elections held on 15th October 2009, Red_Baxter took presidency over party, and re-established United Slavs party.


The United Slavs described their mission on their party page: This is the Previous Statement -

To keep the liberties and freedom of all Slavic people. To give a home to Slavs who have no home. Economy:

  1. Get Citizen fee back up. IT was lowered to stop the spread of multi-accounters.
  2. Lower Wages tax, and VAT to 0%
  3. To import a hospital.
  4. To help create more food on market.

A more recent statement is as follows:

  1. To continue and Increase the Value of the CZK by buying Gold
  2. To Heal the Ties with foreign powers by opening legitimate trade agreements and eventually MPPs with both leading world powers.
  3. Acquire Q3-Q4 Hospitals for ALL three provinces within the Czech Republic.
  4. Working for a better economy: Lower Income Taxes, Moderate VAT taxes and Import taxes to support domestic workers and businesses by trying to prevent foreign powers from flooding our markets but still giving them the opportunity to compete.
  5. Making food available for everyone. The coffers of this Party President are open to giving donations.
  6. Supporting a campaign to pay soldiers and creating a national mercenary corps.
  7. Working with the other parties within the Czech Republic so that their voices will be heard when two dominant parties are in control.
  8. To bring in several of these party’s ideas into the government so they are not forgotten, not to create a single party government but a government that is willing to work with others.
  9. To open new trade agreements within PEACE and Atlantis in order to grow our economy and strengthen our international reputation.
  10. To vouch for the Czech Republic to become a true neutral nation that supports both sides of the Political Spectrum.

The last statement, as published by Jan Khysl, is as follows:

  1. The United Slavs party recognizes the need for social reform that allows new citizens to succeed and supports initiatives to benefit our youngest citizens.
  2. The United Slavs party realizes the power of the free market. The party also realizes that a free market alone can hurt the Czech Republic and supports government intervention that benefits both Czech producers and Czech consumers.
  3. The United Slavs party recognizes the importance of a strong military. The party supports action to organize a proper Czech military and supports the deployment of the military to "friendly wars."
  4. The United Slavs party understands the importance of infrastructure in a war and supports the purchase of hospitals and defense systems for all of the Czech Republic's provinces.
  5. The United Slavs party welcomes public discussions and debates but pledges to always put the country first. The party will work alongside the other major parties (CRU, CSS, Nezavislost).
  6. The United Slavs party supports the continued neutrality of the Czech Republic. The party also differentiates between military alliances (Atlantis, Peace) and peaceful alliances (ESA) and supports the joining in the latter.
  7. Above all, the United Slavs party supports the independence and freedom of the Czech Republic from foreign influence.

Party Presidents

The following table lists the party presidents of the United Slavs.

Term Party President
15 June 2008 - 10 July 2008 Vaclav
11 July 2008 - 10 August 2008 Baci
11 August 2008 - 14 August 2008 Vaclav
15 August 2008 - 10 March 2009 Ivan Hat
10 March 2009 - 15 April 2009 Jan Khysl
15 April 2009 - 14 May 2009 DaLe
15 May 2009 - 14 June 2009 Jan Khysl
15 June 2009 - 14 July 2009 janjordy
15 July 2009 - August 2009 Lovellx076a (Take Over)
August 2009 - 14 October 2009 Party divided in Rainbow Alliance and New United Slavs
15 October 2009 - N/A Red_Baxter