United Solomonism Party

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United Solomonism Party

General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation USP
Colors red and gold
Founded 22nd October 2010
Dissolved 25th October 2010
Congress Occupancy 0/62 seats, 0%
Succeeds USA Hebrew Community Party
Succeeded By USA and Russia Unity
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

United Solomonism Party was created on the 22nd of October 2010. The United Solomonism Party was the succeeder of the USA Hebrew Community Party.

The party was alive only for 3 days when it was changed into USA and Russia Unity party, which was a couple of days later transformed to Tetrarchian Party.

The goal of the party was to change the motto of USA from "In Dio we trust" to "In God we trust", or "One nation under God" or "In Deus nos fides" or "Deus vadum servo totus of populus".

The Party spoke in three languages:

  • English - In the God of the fathers we trust
  • Hebrew - באל האבות נבטח
  • Latin - In Deus of abbas nos fides


In the day after Jacobaus came back from the trip across the land, and he and Emorfion that located in Israel, try to bring the Solomonism to eRepublik, Jacobaus, also the Solomonism Religion Great Priest, created the party of United Solomonism Party with only one Ideology: Make Solomonism the official religion of the World.

Journey of Jacobaus

Great Priest, Jacobaus, went on a journey to discover the meaning of Life. First, he went to Pakistan to learn about the Dioism. He read all the chapters of The Book of Dio and learned more about Dio Brando and he discovered more about the secret that God is keeping from the humans. Later he went to Italy to Explore Theocracy and he learned about Dio Akira and Dio Maksas, and learned about the philosophy of the Theocracy, the mythology and the journey of Dio Akira nad Dio Maksas. After the learnings of Theocracy, he went to Greece to learn about Lidoxa and read the first chapter of the Ipsissima Verba. After he explored the main eRepublik religions he went to the roots, to Jerusalem. He went first to the church of the Holy family in Spain, (Sagrada Familia) and looked at the marvels that religion and design could make. Then he went to the church of the tomb in Beit-Lehem, and saw the power of religion on people. Then he climbs to the Moriah mountain in Israel. It took him 7 days to get there and he got to the western wall. He saw the Western wall of the temple and the base stones of the temple and saw the great power that religion can make on Architecture, he went to the Great Synagogue in the Western wall and learned there, he saw the influence of divine power over the ideas of the Humanity. Then he went to the Mosque of El-Aktza and saw the influence of religion upon coltures. Then he went to Saudi Arabia and went to Mecca. He went to the Kabba and saw the influence of Religion upon beliefs. Then it hit him. The Meaning of life.

English - United Solomonism Party - USP

Every man should choose his religion. Every man should choose his path. And every man should choose his faith. If you want to believe a so called "God" but he walks upon the Earth, and he is human, be our guests, but do you want an all powerful God that served the Earth for over 4.5 billion years and made the sky, the Earth, the water, the planets, the animals, the moons, the suns and the man join now to the only Monotheistic, Abrahamic religion in eRepublik.

Latin - Iunctus Solomonism Secui - ISS

Sulum vir should sumo suus monastica. Sulum vir should sumo suus semita. Quod sulum should sumo suus fides. Sis ut puto a sic accersitus " deus " tamen is ingredior super orbis terrarum , quod sit humanus , exsisto nostrum hospes , tamen operor vos volo an omnipotens Deus ut servo orbis terrarum pro super billion annus quod no divum , orbis terrarum , unda , plagiarius , bestia , luna , occasus quod vir suo iam ut solus Monotheistica Abrahamicus monastica in eRepublik.

Hebrew - מפלגת השלמהניזם המאוחדת - מש"מ

לכל אדם יש את הזכות לבחור את דתו, את דרכו ואת אמונתו. אם אתם רוצים להאמין במישהו שהוא כביכול "אלוהים" שהוא אנושי והולך על פני האדמה, בבקשה, אבל אם אתם רוצים שיהיה לכם אלוהים חזקים שכבר קיים ושומר על הארץ כבר 4.5 מיליארדי שנים ויצר את השמיים, את הארץ, את המים, את הפלנטות, את החיות, את הירחים, את הכוכבים ואת האדם, תצטרפו לדת המונתאיסטית, האברהמית היחידה באי-ריפאבליק.