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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

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Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.

eUnited States Marine Corps

United States Marine Corps.png

Semper fidelis

General Information
Founded Spring 2009
Disbanded 2015 (est)
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Colors Scarlet and Gold
Type Infantry
Part of United States Military

The eUnited States Marine Corps was US-based militia.

The size of the Corps fluctuates, depending on how interesting eRepublik is at the time. During the Great War of 2009, eUSMC membership skyrocketed to the point of needing a new Company to house these new recruits. However, after the US regained most of its territory, activity dropped and inactive soldiers were discharged.


The USMC’s mission was to deliver rapid and heavy firepower, representing the USA on both foreign and friendly soil. These types of missions were:

  • Hostile attacks against enemy territory
  • Defense of the USA's allies
  • Defense of American regions
  • All other presence on non-American soil


The requirements to enlist in the eUSMC were the highest of all the US military branches. Recruit had to have strength greater than 35,000 and minimum rank of Icon rank God of War*.png God of War* or needed to be able to inflict more than 20000 damage with a Q7 weapon. The requirements can be found below:

Strength Rank Damage Q7 Activity IRC
35,000 God of War* 35,000 Very High Yes

To join the USMC this form was to be used.


The Marine Corps, along with the rest of the United States Military, CJCS, The Marines were non funded Branch by the USA Government. The US Military was considered a Militia Branch of the USA and Allies. The person directly in charge of the Marines was the Commandant of the Corps, assisted in his/her duties by her second in command, Vice Commandant and Deputy Vice Commandant.

Logistics and Support

Marine Corps support included Quartermasters to manage its communes and distribute supplies (Weapons), and a Media Officer to oversee Marines presence in the media.

Companies and its Platoons

The Marines themselves were organized into three Companies, with each Company having one Commander, who served as a contact point for the individual Platoon Lieutenants and the Marine Corps' high command.

Each Company consisted of two Platoons. Alpha Company, with its two Platoons The Death Guard and The Widowmakers, were the original two Platoons of the USMC. Bravo and Charlie were added as the Marines grew. The newest Company, Delta, was mainly created to during the invasion of the US to house many of the new Marines that were recruited, who, at the time, were overwhelming the three existing Companies.

Each Platoon typically fielded between 8 and 10 Marines, and each of the Platoons was under the command of a Lieutenant who is responsible for passing down orders to his/her Platoons as given to them from the Commandant. Each Lieutenant might also choose to promote one of his men to the rank of Sergeant. Their job was to assist their Platoon Lieutenant in their everyday duties, such as forwarding orders to the Platoon's men, or standing in for the Lieutenant in case of an emergency.

The overview of the Companies and its Platoons can be viewed below.

Company Platoon Name
Alpha 1 The Death Guard
Alpha 2 The Widow Makers
Bravo 1 Harlot's Leathernecks
Bravo 2 The Dog Soldiers
Charlie 1 Teshub's Hand
Charlie 2 Lucky's Magnificent Bastards

Unfortunately, Charlie and Delta Company were dismissed mostly because many old Marines lost interest in the game (V2) and they retired, stopped to play or both. The Marines' organization structure adapted to changes in gameplay, and fielded two Companies consisting of two Platoons each, and even later Charlie Company has been reestablished.


Past Generals and Lieutenant Generals

Commandant Vice-Commandant Length of Service
Dexter Jones Unknown - February 5. 2009.
Eugene Harlot qn20 February 5. 2009. - July 6. 2009.
qn20 Lucius Varenus July 6. 2009. - September 14.2009.
Lucius Varenus Leroy Combs September 14.2009. - November 1. 2009.
Tula Jit Sukoidha November 1. 2009. - December 1. 2009.
Sukoidha Paradiziac December 1. 2009. - May 18. 2010.
Paradiziac Deificus May 18. 2010. - June 27. 2010.
Deificus HisAirness June 27. 2010. - August 18. 2010.
HisAirness Tiacha August 18. 2010. - December 21. 2010
HisAirness Kell Draygo December 21. 2010. - April 10. 2011
HisAirness Cstarlight21 April 10. 2011. - March 25. 2012
Cstarlight21 krimpiekat March 25. 2012 - September 18. 2012
Tiacha krimpiekat September 18. 2012 - March 1. 2013
redbirdusa snake dr March 1. 2013 - April 5. 2013
redbirdusa Kellman April 5. 2013 - January 25. 2014
redbirdusa Belldandi January 26. 2014 - June 5. 2014
Belldandi Allen Webster June 5. 2014 - N/A

Combat History

Though the US has been active in many wars since the beginning of the New World, the USMC as a force has been active in many engagements, either through official alliances, or via troop deployment. The following are some of the wars in which American Marines fought in:

War Versus
Operation French Toast France
World War II France
Indonesian invasion of Argentina Indonesia
Operation Portugal Thunder Portugal
Operation Taco Bell Mexico
Romanian campaign in Asia Indonesia
Operation Turkish Delight Turkey
Operation Frostbite Ivan Russia
Spain-France_War France
Operation Deadcoat United Kingdom
World War IV Phoenix

Military Ranks and Positions in the unit

Pay Grade E-3 E-9 O-2 O-6 O-8 O-9 O-10
Rank Insignia - United States Marines - Private First Class.svg Insignia - United States Marines - Master Gunnery Sergeant.svg Insignia - United States - First Lieutenant.svg Insignia - United States - Colonel.svg Insignia - United States - Major General.svg Insignia - United States - Lieutenant General.svg Insignia - United States - General.svg
Private First Class Master Gunnery Sergeant 1st Lieutenant Colonel Major General Lieutenant General General
Positions Marine Platoon Executive Officer Platoon Commander Division Commander Deputy Vice Commandant Vice Commandant of the USMC Commandant of the USMC