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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

AK47.jpg This page is about a paramilitary group or organisation.

Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.

National Guard

United States National Guard.gif

Always Ready, Always There

General Information
Founded February 2010
Disbanded N/A
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Type Infantry
Part of United States Military

The United States National Guard (USNG) was Icon-USA.png US based private militia. The USNG was dedicated to the defense of the USA at home and abroad. It was comprised of a variety of soldiers from numerous backgrounds.

In newer times (not sure when) it was established as in-game military unit, keeping the original logo of the unit.


The following is the historical view of the original structure of the USNG.


The following table lists past Generals and Lieutenant Generals.

Commanding General Executive Officer Length of Service
Kokach July 2008 - Unknown
istarlan Unknown - Unknown
chimichonga barbosa Unknown - Unknown
Leroy Combs Unknown - Unknown
jankems Trista Devonaire November 2009 - Unknown
Bradley Reala Sweetbags Unknown - March 2011
Sweetbags Axe_Ccident March 2011 - April 2011
Axe_Ccident Jadiv April 2011- June 2012
Jadiv Jack Mensley June 2012- N/A
John Killah Jack Mensley N/A


The United States National Guard was comprised of a Command Staff and one division. Both Division One and Division Two were fully mobile with the lifting of movement restrictions for congress members and presidents.

Command Staff

The United States National Guard Command Staff hands down orders to the entire corps. The General of the USNG and his Executive Officer were directly in charge of all operations of the United States National Guard.

Division One

This division was the former mobile division of the USNG, and the larger of the two due to that fact. It was last led by Col. Eric Vanderberg and his executive officer, Lt. Col. Scrapwolf. The division was constituted of four platoons.

Division Two

This division was the former non-mobile division of the USNG. It was at one time reserved solely for Congress members and Party presidents but later was open for all types of soldiers. It was last led by Col. TKKTTONY and his executive officer, Lt. Col. Mr Peanuts. This division was constituted of four platoons.

Division Three

The 3rd NG Division (Cavalry) was formed by GEN istarlan, then the Commanding General of the United States National Guard, due to organizational issues and combat inefficiency in the US Armed Forces.

USNG Ranks and Positions

Rank Insignia - United States - Private.svg Insignia - United States - First Lieutenant.svg Insignia - United States - Major.svg Insignia - United States - Lieutenant Colonel.svg Insignia - United States - Colonel.svg Insignia - United States - Brigadier General.svg Insignia - United States - Lieutenant General.svg Insignia - United States - General.svg
Private Lieutenant *Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel *Brigadier General Lieutenant General General
Positions Platoon Member Platoon CO Support NCOs Division Executive Officer Division Commanding Officer Operations Officers USNG Executive Officer USNG Commanding Officer

* Later the positions were defunct

Officer Abbreviations

The following list of abbreviations was the officially accepted abbreviations for USNG officer positions (not ranks):

  • PCO: Platoon Commanding Officer
  • DXO: Company Executive Officer
  • DCO: Company Commanding Officer
  • *QMG: Quartermaster General
  • USNG XO: Executive Officer of the National Guard
  • USNG CO: General (Commanding Officer) of the National Guard