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The infrastructure of the population within the US is largely based off of the open market, an opportunity for all value that one would expect from the US. Dating back to immigrants such as Vos, people have come to the US from other countries to achieve more input on society from larger ones that their voices have not had the chance to be heard in.

As such, the government interferes as little as possible. It simply regulates markets to keep both pricing cheap for the US citizens, and company owners profitable.

President CP.png

Vice President VP.png

Note: After in-game roles were implemented in the game, this position is equivalent to the postion of Prime Minister

Chief of Staff CoS.png

Department of Defense

National Security Council Director NSC.png

Secretary of Defense US Secretary of Defense.png

Secretary of State SoS.png

Secretary of the Interior SoI.png

Department of Education

Minister of Education:

Department of Finance


Department of the Media SoM.png

The Secretary of Media creates the Press Releases for the James S. Brady Press Room.

eNPR: Oval Office Radio

Department of the Treasury SoT.png

The Secretary of the Treasury is in charge of the Economic Council, a group of gurus, who track the money markets, the marketplace, and how much income the eUS brings in with taxes. The EC advises the President and Congress of any policies the eUS should take in regards to taxes.

  • Secretary of Treasury: Kemal Ergenekon
    • Deputy Secretary of the Treasury: Leos111

Presidential Advisers

These are often members of the public the president respects for their knowledge of economics, military, game mechanics, and other social issues.

  • Surgeon General: CRoy
  • Top Gun Commanding Officer: Publius