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Icon history.png Year 3 of the New World (2009)

Uncle Sam and the Lost Wars


Uncle Sam, tenth President of the eUSA.

Uncle Sam was elected to the presidency after defeating incumbent president Justinious Mcwalburgson III for the February Elections. He soon decided to pursue a policy of war games with other nations. However, he chose to invade the Azores, apparently without total approval of the Portuguese government, who was busy fighting a war in their own country against Spain. The Portuguese responded with crushing force, defeating the US assault.

Soon after the Portuguese debacle, Uncle Sam ordered a military invasion of Mexico (Operation Taco Bell), which managed to overwhelm the northern regions of Mexico. However, due to an unfortunate oversight by the administration, the advance was halted due to missing links between these northern regions and the rest of Mexico. Following the creation of these links a few days later, the advance continued, but Mexico had signed Mutual Protection Pacts with a large number of PEACE nations, making further advance into Mexico impossible. Just when things looked bleakest for the Mexican nation, the American onslaught stalled, and Portugal and its allies invaded US-occupied Mexico.

After a failed defense of the Southeast of Mexico, a failed resistance war to prevent Portuguese advance into America, and a last defensive stand in the regions that President Uncle Sam had declared as part of the USA, America was forced back into its native borders, and an uneasy truce began, as the PEACE nations refused to advance farther into the USA and trigger ATLANTIS MPPs, which could have reversed the tide. Negotiations with the Mexican government to end the war have stalled, as President Sam found the terms offered by Mexican Ambassador (and former US President) Dishmcds distasteful.

The experience in the Azores and Mexico left a large part of the previously gung-ho American public dissatisfied with their own performance. For the world's largest nation, it was a stinging defeat, and President Sam narrowly escaped two attempts at impeachment by the United States Workers Party, eventually succumbing to a third one, and becoming the first President of the USA to be impeached.

Scrabman and the Fall of ATLANTIS

With the impeachment of Uncle Sam, scrabman, Party President of the United States Workers Party, ascended to the Presidency due to his 2nd place finish in the last election. In scrabman's State of the Union address immediately following Uncle Sam's impeachment, he promised Transparency, War Games, and working with Congress to pass a federal budget. Building on negotiations from the Uncle Sam administration and working with his Secretary of State, Harrison Richardson, Scrabman was able to arrange a month of war games with Mexico. On May 14, 2009, the USA attacked Far Eastern Russia, Russia, in a gambit to acquire High Diamonds while Indonesia and Hungary attacked Western Siberia and Podolia respectively. The attack on FER failed and the US entered wargames with Ireland. When Sweden and Poland declared war on Germany, igniting the Third Sweden-Germany War, the United States declared neutrality, despite it's German MPP. The USA closed the wars with Sweden and Poland, and kept up it's wargames.

World War III

Main article: World War III
Map-World War III.png

Major alliances during the Great War of 2009

On July 11, 2009. PEACE announced that America and all ex-ATLANTIS countries must join them, or they would be invaded. America and its Allies of course denied the offer, and prepared for all-out war. It was soon evident that some Allies of the eUSA were actually enemies, as was the case when the UK region-swapped Scotland with Hungary. This infuriated ex-ATLANTIS countries, and they soon created 2 uni-lateral alliance, the Brolliance and EDEN (European Defensive and Economic Network). 3 days after the PEACE announcement, war was sparked by the French Invasion of Canada and the Russian Invasion Of Alaska. PEACE used un-closed wars that had their MPPs active, in order to save some gold.

PEACE was repelled at first, but they regained their composure and took Alaska. With the Addition of an Indonesian and Portuguese Invasion, the US had to fight a 3-front war. America was simply fighting too many battles at once, and would win a battle but lose two. America's Allies showed great bravery, North Korea and Switzerland sacrificed themselves in order for America to succeed, but that wasn't even enough. The PEACE Invasion peaked with all of Canada, Spain, Switzerland and North Korea conquered and ONE US Region left, the Fortress-State of Florida. But then the come-back came, Canada won resistance wars in over half it's regions from the UK and France, Spain followed suite, and America launched an all-out offensive on PEACE. The enemy was crushed, not even Indonesia could stop America. Portugal's MPP with Indonesia was wiped by a brilliant American use of game mechanics. This left the Portuguese front to be the weakest so the President of Portugal was forced to sign a treaty giving America 11 regions for 500G or risk losing all it's over-seas possessions and a possible invasion of it's homeland. Portugal retreat the regions to the USA and the deep south was reborn.

The Confederate States of America

With the South liberated, President Emerick, who hailed from Texas, proclaimed that the CSA had risen again. The CSA advanced along the south and attacked California, which was held by Indonesia. After a failed attempt, the USA beat Indonesia when their President was banned for multis and then took California and Hawaii back for the CSA.

With Indonesia ejected from North America, the United States began to do battle with Russia. This was going pretty well, with the US reducing Russia to 2 occupied states, when Colombia attacked the USA, taking advantage of a treaty the US signed with Mexico. However, due to American resistance wars, and clever tactics, Russia and Colombia were repealed from the United States of America.

A National Icon Falls, and North America is Liberated

Just before the USA claimed full victory over Russia and Colombia, Dear Leader Emerick was forced to resign due to real life issues. Gaius Julius ascended to the Presidency and finished the Dear Leader's work. America then focused on repealing Russia from Norway, and the Russians were trounced due to Swedish and Finnish tactics. The USA then turned it's eyes north, toward Canada. Hungary held Manitoba, Nunavut, and Alaska. Angered that a Bro's regions were occupied, a 2 week conflict over the regions broke out. Finally, the United States of America broke the wall in Manitoba, and proceeded to take Nunavut and Alaska after Hungary RW'd Washington and Saskatchewan back to their owners to force a confrontation.

The Three Pillars Campaign

In December 2009, President Jewitt announced a campaign to conquer three high iron regions in Asia: Karnataka, Heilongjiang, and Liaoning. With the invasion of Japan, the United States entered into its campaign to free China, India, and parts of Korea. Using an effective surge strategy in the closing minutes of battle and the cooperation of the countries it sought to free, the US successfully freed China and India from Phoenix rule. However, after the liberation of Karnataka and a failed attempt to take Heilongjiang, the USA's offensive in Asia stalled. With the outbreak of the United Kingdom invasion the USA's plans in Asia were temporarily put on hold and they were content to stay in Karnataka.

On Day 891, EDEN began a resistance war in Hello Kitty (aka Heilongjiang) as part of a two-day spree of attacks on both EDEN and Phoenix, EDEN's enemy alliance, fortresses.


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