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Icon history.png Year 5 of the New World (2011)

iNCi entry into USA

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In the early months of 2011 the iNCi Party slowly began gaining citizenship in the USA. This was followed by a baby-boom of iNCi members joining the game in the USA. By early March, iNCi had become the largest political group within the USA in terms of membership. The new group of primarily Turkish players caused noticeable internal conflict in the country, with many USA citizens feeling the group's entry was a PTO attempt. During the February congressional elections iNCi gained more seats than was agreed to, which only exacerbated the problem. This was made even worse by a series of unilateral law proposals by iNCi congressional members that were against USA interests, including an attempt to steal USA funds. In response, a number of high-ranking iNCi Party members were demoted from their positions and iNCi swore to change their behavior in future elections.

The Great Pacific Fire Drill

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Detailed map of belligerents during the Indonesia-USA War

The Indonesia-USA War, colloquially known as "The Great Pacific Fire Drill", began on March 1, 2011 when Indonesia attacked the USA territory of Hawaii in an unprovoked attack. The two powers had maintained an uneasy peace in the months leading up to the war, and though both felt a war was approaching, it remained unclear which of the two would initiate a military conflict.

Both countries possessed extensive alliance-stacks, prompting some citizens to foresee a potential Global War resulting from the conflict. Indonesia had strong ties (without membership) to several countries in the ONE alliance, while the USA was a charter member of Terra, making the conflict a potential flash-point for a world war involving the three major active alliances ONE, TERRA, and by extension, EDEN. Ultimately this proved to not be the case.

The only other country which became involved in the conflict was China, who had allied with the USA and saw extensive action in the occupied Philippines, and then briefly the Indonesian homeland.

The war officially ended on March 21, 2011 though there was some continued fighting until March 23rd.

World War V

The USA was a primary participant in World War V, having been fully engaged in the USA-Poland War, USA-Spain War, Mexico-USA War, and serving as an ally in almost every conflict of the global war.

The first direct engagement by US forces was during the USA-Poland War, a conflict between the USA and Poland that began on March 25th, 2011. USA allies, France and Germany had been fighting with Poland for a few days prior to when the USA launched its attack. This conflict would become part of the much larger World War V.

Before the outbreak of hostilities, the USA and Poland had maintained a long-lasting peace, stemming from previous wars in which each country had provided assistance to the other on a regular basis. In fact, just a few weeks earlier, Poland had been peacefully renting USA territories found well within the USA homeland; including Arizona, Illinois, Tennessee, and others. Poland would no longer possess these territories at the beginning of the war, instead having allowed the rental agreements to expire peacefully, and opting to secure almost complete possession of the country of Mexico. This had been made possible after the Second USA-Mexico War, when the USA had first conquered and then released Mexico in its entirety.

Despite the friendship that the two countries had enjoyed in the past, a conflict between the nations developed shortly after Poland launched aggressive attacks against Terra member-states, France and Germany. As a result, the USA (a Terra member) was compelled to defend its allies, and on March 24, 2011 declared Poland as it's natural enemy. This was followed by a full assault against the Poland held territory of Southeast of Mexico on March 25, 2011.[1]

The conflict represented the first time that a war between multiple ONE and Terra countries entered into full engagements across global regions, making it in essence, the beginning of another World War.

Meanwhile, Spain (also a ONE member) had prepared operations to assist its alliance by declaring France as it's natural enemy a few days earlier. This was an attempt to squeeze France as Poland attempted to push into French and German lands, once again signalling an escalation of hostilities.

As a result of these developments, remaining countries of both the Terra and ONE alliances began to prepare as it seemed apparent that the inter-regional conflict was likely to spread to a global conflict.

Eventually the US was unable to secure the Polish held territories and a revived Mexico would re-emerge. On April 1, 2011 Mexico signed a MPP with Poland, successfully regained Baja, and forced the United States to refocus its efforts against ONE-allied Spain in the Western European theater. This would draw the US deeper into World War V.

As time passed, Poland was eventually ejected from the Americas as a result of sporadic fighting in North America, coordinated resistance wars within Mexico, and a failed Polish invasion during the the Poland-Brazil War.

Ultimately this would leave only Spain and Mexico as direct threats to the USA. Though the two invaders would briefly secure territory all the way to the Mississippi River, eventually the USA was able to turn back the attack. Mexico would be conquered as a result of the Mexico-USA War and the regions of Baja and Southeast of Mexico would be annexed by agreement to the US. The USA-Spain War continued to rage for weeks after the Mexican defeat, as the USA once again invaded the Spanish mainland.

After stalling once more in Europe, the war shifted yet again as Spain launched another invasion of the USA on May 31, 2011. This time Spain faced little resistance, pushing into the Mid-West and eventually reaching the Mississippi River on June 7th. With little defense being offered by American forces, Spain then continued unhindered to the Continental Divide on June 11th. At this point Spanish forces returned to the eastern and southern states.

Meanwhile, ONE forces in Europe began the Second ONE invasion of France as Poland began its march toward Brittany and possible second invasion of the USA. This action coincided with Swedish attacks on neighboring Canada during the Sweden-Canada War. These actions were part of a much larger combined offensive known as the ONE World Tour, who's ultimate goal was the conquering of all western Terra powers.

2011 Collapse of the US Military System

In early April 2011, on verge of a Spanish invasion of the US homeland during World War V, the United States Military system collapsed.

The collapse was a result of continued in-fighting between sections of the US government, particularly the US Military and the US Congress. Disagreement over the role of Congress in holding the military accountable led to a major change to the US Constitution following the March 2011 elections. The Joint Chiefs of Staff decided they didn't like the new laws, and separated themselves from congressional oversight. Bradley Reala returned a single weeks worth of funding to the Congressional Budget Office, and declared that they no longer had to follow the Constitution.

The end result of the conflict came when newly elected US President Emerick issued an executive order using the power of his office to dissolve the Joint Chiefs of Staff and current US military system and replaced it with a newly formed national military system known thereafter as the United States Armed Forces. The new military would thereafter operate under the direction of the US Department of Defense, eliminating the JCS as an official USA organization.[2]

The JCS would continue to operate as a private militia, having allegedly (and illegally) secured enough funding from US tax payers before being dissolved to fund themselves for an expected 6 months to a year.

The internal military struggles would continue to plague the United State's ability to confront the multiple invasion attempts it faced during World War V.


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