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Unity is Strength

General Information
Country Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Total Soldiers 52
Commanded by Iain Keers
2nd Commander Lord Farhan

The Unity Military Unit was born on the 17th of June 2014 and have 52 members with 40 CP medals and 300 congressional medals between them, from a half dozen separate countries. The Military Unit have more experience of local, national and alliance politics than many countries can boast.The MU is dedicated in the same way as TUP was to nurturing young talent- players who are ambitious and want to take advantage of the leg up that the advice of those mentioned above can give. Not to mention, supplies, introductions, and financial benefits. Oh and supplies of course, should you need them.

The MU goal isn’t to do damage, it's for political support for governments who ask for their help, economic support for their members and of course military support through targeted CO are all part of our portfolio.

 We are here not to just make damage, but to make world-beating players. Think about it as a finishing school.