Universal Party of the Right

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Universal Party of the Right

Default coat of arms.png

Members Flag-Argentina.jpg PR
Flag-Venezuela.jpg PDV
Flag-Brazil.jpg PRB
Flag-Brazil.jpg PDB
Flag-Chile.jpg PLR
Abbreviation UPR
Formation July 2008
Disbanded 2009 (est)

The Universal Party of the Right (in Spanish Partido Universal de Derecha/PUD; in Portuguese Partido Universal do Direita/PUD) was an international alliance of parties with right orientations.



The UPR was formed by the Partido Republicano and the Partido Republicano Brasileiro as an alliance to preserve the rightist ideologies in Latin America. Soon, it became bigger with the union of the PDV. At that time, the three party presidents Flausino, Mikesoft and Fedegen agreed to create the figure of the General Secretary, the first and at the time the only secretary is Jose Miguel.

Projects and Objectives

  • Preservation of rightist beliefs in Latin America and the world.
  • Compromise with international relations of countries with party members.
  • Preservation of democracy.
  • Integration of America.