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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

University of New York
Logo of University of New York
Owner Jacobaus
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Headquarters New York
Founded 29th October 2010
Founder Jacobaus
Industries Newspaper, Education
Services Education
Colours violet and white
Website eNYU forum

University of New York (or NYU) was the regional, private University. It worked as an Organization. The dean of the University was Jacobaus, he was also the founder of the University.

The motto of the School was: "Perstare et praestare" which stands in Latin for "To persevere and to excel".


The classes were made in the forum of the University.
These were the classes:

  • Finance and Economy - unknown Professor
  • Mathematics - unknown Professor
  • Art - unknown Professor
  • Philosophy - unknown Professor
  • Computer science - unknown Professor
  • Law - unknown Professor
  • Medicine - DMac
  • Education - unknown Professor
  • Languages - Jacobaus teached: Hebrew, English and Russian
  • Administration - Michael J Frost
  • Social work - unknown Professor
  • Religion Studies - Jacobaus teached: Dioism, Lewdaism, Capitalism, Theocracy and Lidoxa.
  • Biology - Serbischer_Freiwillinger
  • Psychology - unknown Professor
  • Politics- International Relations - Aldameldo
  • History - Alexander Janai teached: History of the New World
  • Physics - unknown Professor
  • Physical Education - CrazyDule

Registrations and Applications

There were some steps to register in the University:

  1. His/her name
  2. What class would the applicant like to take
  3. What degree
  • Then the applicant needed to go to the forum and register there.
  • After that applicant would receive a letter in the mail of the applicant's account in the forum telling the applicant what to do.
  • An applicant could pay when filing the application or registering in the forum

Being hired as a Prof.

The candidate had to file an application to the University.


The University depended on Donations, but they still managed to have a payment scheme:


Every professor got the wage of *not conclusive* a day.
Note: NOT per class, per day, like in the industries of eRepublik.

The Dean was a non-paid position in the university.


Three ways of payment:

  • Weekly; The weekly studies cost was Flag-USA.jpgUSD each week
  • Monthly; The monthly studies cost was Flag-USA.jpg 10 USD each month
  • Yearly; The yearly studies cost was Flag-USA.jpg 150 USD each year

Paying the University

To pay the university applicant had to be at level 15 so he/she could donate gold or money to the University.

Studies for Degree

The violet logo of the University of New York

There were, like in the real life, three degrees:

  • First Degree
  • Masters
  • Ph.D

First Degree (Package)

For the first degree at the University, the applicant had to study for six months. In payments:

  • Weekly - Icon - Gold.gif 0.9 Gold for all six months (or Flag-USA.jpgUSD each week [Flag-USA.jpg 48 USD] )
  • Monthly - Icon - Gold.gif 1.15 Gold for all six months (or Flag-USA.jpg 10 USD each month [Flag-USA.jpg 60 USD])

Masters Degree (Package)

For the Masters degree at the University, the applicant had to study for 1 year and 3 months. In payments:

  • Weekly - Icon - Gold.gif 2.35 Gold for all year and 3 months (or Flag-USA.jpgUSD each week [Flag-USA.jpg 120 USD])
  • Monthly - Icon - Gold.gif 2.9 Gold for all year and 3 months (or Flag-USA.jpg 10 USD each month [Flag-USA.jpg 150 USD])

Ph.D (Package)

For the Ph.D at the University, the applicant had to study for 2 years. In payments:

  • Weekly - Icon - Gold.gif 3.6 Gold (or Flag-USA.jpgUSD each week [Flag-USA.jpg 192 USD])
  • Monthly - Icon - Gold.gif 4.6 Gold (or Flag-USA.jpg 10 USD each month [Flag-USA.jpg 240 USD])
  • Yearly - Icon - Gold.gifGold (or Flag-USA.jpg 150 USD each year [Flag-USA.jpg 300 USD])

Enrichment programs

If the student was not sure of his/her abilities in the subject of choosing they could always bail out and then pay again for another subject. But there were also the Enrichment Programs. The enrichment program was a program where University would assign a professor that would help the student. The cost of the program was an additional Flag-USA.jpg 10 USD (every week).

Another aspect of the Enrichment program was if the student wanted more classes from the regular calendar, they could pay the University an additional Flag-USA.jpg 11 USD every week for the additional class.

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