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Flag of Palestine   Coat of Arms of Palestine

On the map

Anthem Fida'i
Capital Jerusalem district
Language Arabic
Population 4 million
Territories 7

Palestine is a country in the Middle East that sits on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean sea. Its neighbors are Turkey in the north, Cyprus in the north-west, Egypt in the south and south-west and Saudi Arabia in the south and south-east.


Anthem - Fida'i/فدائي/My Redeemer

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Palestine is located in the middle east and has 7 regions, most of which are currently occupied by eIsrael.

Original regions of Israel and their cities
Current owner Region City Population Productivity
Icon-Palestine.png Beersheba South District Bir Shiba 248 Icon - Saltpeter.png
Icon-Palestine.png Jerusalem district Al-Quds 567 Icon - Fruits.png
Icon-Palestine.png Tel Aviv Center District Tal Abib 314 Icon - Fish.png
Icon-Palestine.png Haifa district Haifa 117 Icon - Fish.png
Icon-Palestine.png Nazareth North District Nasra 244 Icon - Fruits.png
Icon-Palestine.png West Bank Ram Allah 244 Icon - Fruits.png
Icon-Palestine.png Gaza strip Gaza 248 Icon - Saltpeter.png


Palestine tolerates all religions. Yet, the majority of the population are Muslim Sunnis.