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Here are my current and future projects that I'm working on.

Please do not make any changes to this list; however, you are welcome to discuss anything on my talk page.


Contracts - Reopened

  • Create this page
  • Incorporate the contract rules and simulated organization rules
  • Create a universal format for contracts on the wiki
  • Propose methods of transcluding contracts into relevant pages
  • Remake Template:Contract
  • Write a complete proposal and documentation for my "Notary" concept
  • Write a full tutorial for contracts (making contracts, using {{Contract}} and the contract namespace)
  • Style the template similar to the game, if possible


  • Decide on the name to use for the page
  • Create this page
  • Write a tutorial for using {{Box portal skeleton}}
  • Create a layout for the page that matches Template:Bar
  • Ask Gobba, the_mihai, Raldios and Admin for assistance in creating and maintaining maps
  • Ask the Wigs to install this for an interactive world atlas
  • Ask the Wigs to install this for wonderfully detailed war timelines
  • Start a discussion in the forums and bar asking for random war facts
  • Answer questions and suggestions in the Bar
  • Pester other military commanders and soldiers on their talk pages


  • Separate 2008 and 2009 in an aesthetically pleasing manner
  • Integrate Template:Collapse3 into Template:Bar/Discussions to expand all discussions of each month
  • Fix whatever visual problem User:Aryamehr is seeing
  • Create a list of templates that can be used in the bar (Emoticons, Template:Sausage/Template:Censor, etc.)
  • Maintain archival on a monthly basis
  • Write a tutorial on how to archive Bar discussions

eRepublik:Reference policy - Complete!

  • Propose this policy in the Bar
  • Create this page
  • Include anything and everything in the talk page

eRepublik:Fictional content policy - Complete!

Religious Views templates Template:Dioism/Views - Complete!


Dioism/Anti-Dioism - Complete!

The Book of Dio - Complete!

The Circles of Dio - Complete!

Dio Brando - Complete!

  • Receive Admin's approval
  • Find a better solution to Template:Fictional
  • Finish his Erepublik (Non-Fiction) biography
  • Remove some of the Jojo's references (Like his birth) to prevent confusion
  • Add more pictures, and keep them arranged in a correct manner
  • Add more quotes (Siclo o/ )

Falcon - Complete!

  • Convince Falc to get off of his ass and write some stuff [Pending]
  • Add details on his monopolization of Pakistan's market [Reconsidered]
  • Add details on his role in The Book of Dio
  • Add details on his Erepublik activity
  • Find and add more pictures

Abdul Yusuf - Complete!

  • Save the article from deletion
  • Improve the quality of the article (Sandtux o/ )
  • Add information on Gandhinagar!
  • Add information on his newspaper and companies
  • Add information on his economic proposals
  • Add information on his talks with the Portuguese

Pakistani Peace Corps

  • Create this page (To clean up Pakistan's article)
  • Add a documentation on their organization
  • Move page to Pakistani Mobile Forces [Unnecessary]
  • Update the hierarchy of the military (Altnabla o/)
  • Add a history of their military activity
  • Add a list of foreign armies based off of the Pakistani Peace Corps

Stardust Crusaders Propaganda

Falcon University of Creative Knowledge

  • Create this page
  • Add information on the School of Politics and International Negotiation
  • Add information on the School of War Education and the Defense of Eastern Nations
  • Add information on the World Institution of Greater Science
  • Add information on the schools under construction
  • Add a list of professors (Allan Gordon, Kurotsuchi Mayuri, and hippiepirate)
  • Find images for use in the article
  • Finish the article

Formidable International Security Treaty - Defunct

  • Regularly update with events of the Balkan War
  • Keep all contracts up to date

Stardust Crusaders