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Due to its nature as a religion and the beliefs of it's followers, Dioism is frequently censored to protect the interests of the eRepublik staff. Religious texts, phrases, newspapers and articles are all frequently reworded to remove phrases that offend others.


The most common method of censorship is deletion. Newspaper articles and forum posts are deleted on a regular basis for questionable content that may cause harm to the integrity of the game. Around fifty percent of the time, the citizen making such statements is banned as well, although sometimes the specific reason is often unclear.



On one occasion, Grand Prophet Altnabla was banned for a post that compared another citizen to a tardigrade. Although he was banned for the use of a profane adjective, he assumed that the ban was for the use of the word "tardigrade", and popularized this belief among fellow Dioists and the eRepublik community.

Today, Altnabla uses a tardigrade in his avatar to call reference to this event, and he has named a sub-forum after the creatures on one of Pakistan's official forums. The word "tardigrade" is no longer thought to be offensive in eRepublik, although users jokingly call reference to it when talking about banishment.

The Irish

In September 2008, a politician of the Czech Republic named Parrot wrote a post confusing the terms "Iranian" and "Irish", which received criticism from the Iranians and mild praise from the Pakistani for its humor. Inspired by this, in October the Supreme Priest and then-president AgentChieftain wrote an article welcoming the "Irish" to Pakistan, even noting some Iranian citizens for their "proud Irish bloodline" and "taste in bagpipery". He was later banned for this article after many Iranians reported it, but since the reason given was for the whole article, the author assumed it was for confusing the two demonyms, although it was later discovered that it was for the use of a YouTube video depicting babies dancing.

The misuse of the two words has become a minor staple in Pakistani culture, due to the seriousness of the way some Iranians view their country. It is currently unknown whether they consider its use as offensive.