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The Book of Kiwi is the most holy text of the Kiwism religion, the holy religion of the Holy Land of New Zealand, and tells about the travels of the Kiwi prophets and the blood line of the Holy Family of the First man:Jacob of New Zealand.

The books is learned by the Kiwists and the New Zealanders, all over the Holy Land.

Original cover of the Book of Kiwi.

Chapters of The Book of Kiwi


 In the Genesis, there was nothing, exept white wool. 
 For thou make me a friend, I am lonely... 
(Genesis of the E)
 And Simon shall say to the voice:With whom do I marry? and the Golden Kiwi shall say to him:With whom love you and you her. And Simon shall say indeed. 
 Concerinus shall lay his head on Michael, in a manly, not homosexual, way. 
(The Holy Land)
 And every one, in the minute they heared the name of Evilus they shall sey:"MUHAHAHAHA!", to say that we are the ones that will laugh in the end. 
(Final Battle)

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