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This article contains the religious views of User:Alexander Janai/Kiwism. (What's this?)

The Book of Kiwi
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine

Chapter I


In the Genesis, there was nothing, except white wool. The wool twitched, and a kiwi bird was created. Then the wool twitched again, and the kiwi turned to Gold. Then the wool twitched again, and the Kiwi got intelligence, conscience and awareness. And the wool twitched no more.

Creation of the First Man

Then the Golden Kiwi said with his holy voice:Refine me a man from the wool and his name shall be Jacob. And this name shall be sacred to me for all eternity. These names will be also: Alexander and Rose and Ayalon and Joshua. And the Golden Kiwi shall refine Jacob from the wool, and he shall have holy spirit in his heart and body. And the Golden Kiwi shall say to him:You shall be my holy son, and for all be holy. And you shall be holy in the eyes of the New Zealanders and the Kiwi, for I created them, and all of the people of eWorld. And Jacob shall nod before his holy father.

Creation of New Zealand

The Holy Golden Kiwi shall sit in the center of the eUniverse, and shall create around him a land that he called "New Zealand" and he shall see it good. And he shall create more from that wool, to an ocean. And there shall be nothing but Holy Wool, New Zealand, and ocean. And he shall call it the center of the eUniverse. And he shall create thousands of kiwi birds, and he shall set them holy, for they are the only kiwi birds in the whole eUniverse. And he set them to produce only Q5 food, and nothing else. And he shall create the first holy Pōhutukawa tree, and created him on all over the holy land. And he shall create the Moa to eat the holiness of the holy land, and to be holy before the Golden Kiwi. And he shall create the Haast's Eagle, to consume on the Moa, to have regeneration of the Moa and the Haast's before the Golden Kiwi. And all of them he shall create from the Holy Wool. And it was all done in the day of Friday.