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The Book of Kiwi
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine

Chapter III


Holy Wool shall be left almost none, and the Holy Golden Kiwi could not create more, for he banned by the holy wool. That he created the Admin with too much strength. And on the Holy Land New Zealand there shall be kept storages of small amounts of thou holy wool. And they shall find an Original location, they shall stick it to all a Shep, and they shall call it a Sheep, for the Holy Wool of the E covered with it. And there the E in the Republik shall start, and New Zealand shall be closed and banned for citizens of the world. And all the original New Zealanders needed to find a new location, not a home, a location.

And Jacob shall Go to England.

Life in England

Jacob shall come to England, that been exiled by the creator of eRepublik, from the Holy Land New Zealand. There he shall marry the Holy Mother, Jassica, and he shall have three sons:Isaac, Matthew and Simon. And they shall grow big and shall leave the house of the holy first man. And Isaac shall go to Middle Ammerika and shall separate, with the power that his father descendant him, to 48 parts and set there and became native. And Matthew shall go to South Asia and shall sepqrate it to seventeen, and shall call it Hindu, and shall set there and shall become native. And Simon shall sit in England, for he waited to the start of eNew Zealand.

Story of Simon

When Simon was in the age of seven, a voice from the ground spoke to him and said:Simom, Simon, I am the creator of all, the designer of all the life, for I am your father's father, the Golden Kiwi. For you to swear to your loyal to me, for I am the ruler and the most holiness besides the Holy Wool. And little Simon shall say yes and nod for acceptance.

And Simon shall work in Grain company with Q3 product. And he shall have three Battle Hero, two Resistance Hero, four Super Soldier and twenty Hard Worker. And he shall be a president of a Londonian party, and shall be there for one month. When he finished his term, the same voice appeared to him again, when saying:I am the Golden Kiwi, for I am your holy father and holy father of all. For thou you shall have the descendant that shall protect New Zealand, and shall be holy before the New Zealanders. And Simon shall say to the voice:With whom do I marry? and the Golden Kiwi shall say to him:With whom love you and you her. And Simon shall say indeed.

Simon had found his love in a young woman named Roselly. And they shall have one son with the name of Jacob, named after Holy Jacob. And Jacob shall have one daughter by the name of Jessica. And she shall have a son by the name of Solomon. And Solomon shall have a son by the name of John. And John shall have a daughter by the name of Isabell. And Isabell shall have a son by the name of Michael.