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The Book of Kiwi
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine

Chapter V

Travel of Michael II

In the travel of Michael, he shall pass through two more lands, all are descendant to the Holy Land, for he shall pass through Pakistan that descendant to the Russianis, and shall say the third and last rule of the Golden Kiwi:Thou shall not create or administrate multiple accounts. And the Pakis shall not be loyal, so Michael shall turn their watery land, to sand. And they shall not believe in him still, so Michael shall leave this land. And he shall travel more and more.


Michael shall go through Hindu and shall see the glory of the country, and shall say it in his Notes, and he shall say to the Hindu people, this:For you are as believe in Matthew, for he is son of the first man! And the first man shall be created by the Holy Golden Kiwi, the creator of all. For you shall accept these laws:Thou shall not contaminate the New World with filth such as External advertising, Spam,Insults, Pornography, Vulgarity or Racism. - Thou shall not obtain any properties or gains through illegal means such as cheating, betting, bugs or exploits. - Thou shall not create or administrate multiple accounts.. And for when you shall live by these, the Golden Kiwi shall protect, but if you don't, the Golden Kiwi shall make the other lands conquer yours. And the all Hindu shall love the Golden Kiwi, not for fear, but with dear love and emotions. And they shall walk to the Temple of Matthew, and worship there the Holy Golden Kiwi, Michael and Matthew.

Notes of Michael

And these are the notes of Michael, when he traveled to Hindu: