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This article contains the religious views of User:Alexander Janai/Kiwism. (What's this?)

The Book of Kiwi
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine

Chapter VII

Rise of the Evil

Evil shall be created in the outside of the Holy Land. And their shall be two, for their real names shalt not be mentioned ever. And the one name Eveel and the other Eveal, the one shall be in German and the other in Afrikaans. The first shall be son of the Russianis and the Frenks. And he shall be no New Zealander, for he is a sinner before the Golden Kiwi. He shall lead a group for they shall be named as he, and they shall be army. And he shall attack near by nations with his force and shall be conquering all.

And the other shall be an original New Zealander son, for he is Afrikaans, son of the original afrikaan land. For he shall be a sinner before the Golden Kiwi. And he shall external advertise and shall spam, and shall insult, and shall become an un-believer, and shall show porn, and shall be vulgar and shall be racist. For he is not done yet, he cheated, gambled, and shall create bugs, and shall exploit. For he added these un holy means, for he created multiple accounts, and loved it. And he formed a great military force in German and in the Dutchland.

And they shall both meet in the Dutchland, and shall touch each other fingers, and they shall combine to one, for their name shall be Evilus, and his real name shalt not be said. And they shall relied their forces across the Dutchland and Belghia, for they called it Combined Dutchland and it broke off.

For Evilus relied his men across the world, and all the New Zealanders shall hate the Dutchlanders, for they shall attack the New Zealanders and shall harass them allot. And Evilus shall continue to make destruction upon the eWorld, and shall publish only Q2 Food and 3Q grain, and Q2 Iron and so. And the Golden Kiwi shall not see it good.