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The Book of Kiwi
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Chronicles of New Zealand

Golden spirit will be all over the eWorld, and all over the Holy land of New Zealand. It is such as a holy site, that two religions devouloped here. The one - True, and the other - Almost completly false. But the true believers, the ones that follow the Golden Kiwi, will be blessed by his immortal holiness.

The Kiwist would not say no to the false ones, because their religion do not contradicts the Golden Kiwi, and the Book of Kiwi does not contradicts their Sheep god.

The eWorld was created by the Golden Kiwi, that was created by the Holy Wool. The Golden Kiwi, and the first Holy man named Jacob of New Zealand, set the last of the Holy Wool on the Sheeps of New Zealand, from there, their Holiness. And the two will sit on the beach, in the Holy City, Wellington, and Jacob fell asleep in his fathers hands, because the Golden Kiwi can appear in any shape.

The sons of Jacob Isaac, Matthew and Simon. And the ons of Isaac are Jared and Memphis and Colby.

The sons of Jared are Noam and Matthew. And Noam killed Matthew and suicide, and Jared never had any continue. And the sones of Memphis are Levy and Gomer and Matusalah. And Gomer killed Marusalah and killed himself. The sons of Levy are Adam_West and Chichiko and scrabman. Chichiko killed Adam_West over a woman. Scrabman went to Canada, and declared himself Canadian. The sons of Colby are Lemech and Barack and George. Brack killed Goerge. The sons of Lemech are Josh Frost and Harrison Richardson. And the Sons of Barcack, that shall be named Hussein after his deed, are Chocolate McSkittles and Woxan and St Krems. And they all believe in one false.

The Sons of Matthew are, Karfishnah and Sandiscripht. Karfishnah ate a bad fish, and the doctors said:"He dies from the complication". Sandiscripht had one son called srachit and he dominated on India for a long time, and he is still dominating the land, not as the president, but as a leader.

The Son of Simon is Jacob the second. And his daughter is Jessica. And her son is Solomon. And his son is John. And his daughter is Isabell. And her Son is Michael the Prophet.

The son of Michael is The Holy One and no one had knows his name, or his nationality.

The sons of one Dutchlander named Cornalius. His sons are Eveel and Eveal.

Eveel, the older, is grown up in South Africa, but native to Dutchland, and he will have evil like no one else. His heart is pure with Evil, and he is an original Dutchlander. Like all Dutchlanders, they all suicidle, and Evil, and wrong, and are not loving, and not Honoring, and not Respecting and not Proud of their God.

The Second called Eveal, is grown up in Germany, but native to Dutchland, and he will have evil like his brother, with unpure thoughts and harassy before the Holy Golden Kiwi. And he is not Loving, and not Honoring, and not Respecting, and not Proud of their God.

They met in Dutchland, and combined to create Evilus (MUHAHAHAHA!). Evilus (MUHAHAHAHA!) will go to the holy land, and attack with all might.

The son of Evilus (MUHAHAHAHA!) is dionysus and he is evil, and Dutchlander. His hair is black and beared is black (No one knows when that color from, his father is a blonde). And with Evilus (MUHAHAHAHA!) he will attack New Zealand.

The Holy one fought great in the Final Battle and won it, by protecting Wellington and the Holy Land, with the Holy Hand of the Holy Golden Kiwi.

After the battle, the Golden Kiwi will trap Evilus (MUHAHAHAHA!) in a Holy Cell, and will set there six million guards, and only one prisoner. And he will lock the door with one of his feathers, and the door will never open again.

The New Zealanders will run after the Dutchlanders, and will hunt them down. And in the end they will conquer Dutchland. The New Zealanders will put in command the Indians, because the New Zealanders, will never walk on an un Holy Land, like Dutchland.