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Philosophy of Pride

Concept of the Golden Pride

Holy philosphies in Kiwism appear in four formes:Love, Pride, Honor and Respect. All of them are the base of the human condition, intelligence and understanding. Each of them contains the meaning of the human life, and the basics. This scroll is talking about the second concept:Pride.

All the men, and women, in the world have pride. The pride is keeping us competative and disastrouse. But this is not a bad thing, this is a part of the human nature. Pride can be another kind of expression. When you are proud of what you are done, it shows about strength, and responsebility, like you can show the world that you can everything, and nothing is stoping you. But it is not always a good thing. When an evil men believes that nothing can stop him, he does bad things against his country, his house, his faith, his God, and himself. There are two examples of the two kinds of Pride. The first, is the bad kind.

Sub-Headline:What evil can do
In New Zealand, there was a man, a bad one. He was racist in so many levels, and he believed in a false prophet. Every day he went to this false prophet's temple, and pray there in the name of the false prophet. The man did horrible things, he posted discriminating documents all over New Zealand, and insulted alot of people. He supported a genecide of a nationality, and a massacre of a people. One day, came to him a man, Aldameldo his name, and told his this:"Why are you doing this?", and the man said:"I don't know, it's funny!". Aldameldo looked at him with eyes of a man who saw a ghost and said to him that:"Are you proud of what you had done?! You killed men, and you made alot of people sad and hurt, this is evil as pure". The man said:"Yes I am proud of it! And I am planning a great thing in the village of Christchurch this friday! It will blow your mind!".

Days went by, and it was friday. Aldameldo told all the people to get out of Christchurch, some listend, and some did not. He worned them with ads, newspapers and even payed them with gold to leave, but they didn't listened. Then came the man with a bomb on his stomech. The people that left, started to run, but it was too late. The man said paising to his false prophet and added:"I am proud of this!", and detenated the bomb. Alot of people died, but the New Zealanders, and the Kiwists where all saved. Aldameldo bursted in tears because his friend was there and said:"Damn you! Damn you and your stupid pride! I wish you will be punished in the Golden Kiwi's prison from your evilness!". And the man, did get punished, and he is now turtured by the evil tha are trapped in the Golden Kiwi's prison of the Dead.

This story teaches us about how destroctive Pride could be, if it used by Evil people. But, Pride also has an opposite side, it can be holy and good, like this next example:

Sub-Headline:Story of a Soldier
Alexander Janai ones walk through the streets of New Zealand, and say a woman standing on a chair in the park, and saying things. Alexander went towards her and asked:"What are you doing?", and she answered him:"You know about the war right? My son went to fight for New Zealand, in the New Zealand Defence Forces. I'm standing here and telling people to recruit for the help of New Zealand. And some walk right besides me and don't even notise me." Alexander went up the chair and started to shout:"Help the Holy Land! Help New Zealand! Recruit to the NZDF!". The woman told Alexander Janai that she is so proud of her son, that he is fighting for New Zealand.

The next mornning, Alexander went to the woman's house and saw her crying. He asked her why is she crying. And she said to him that the head of her son's pletoon came to her house, and told her that her son died in battle. Alexander went to hug her, and she huged him back. She said to him:"The point is, that I am really proud of him. He gave his life by protecting the Holy Land, he is truly a holy man." Alexander said indeed, and they both went to his funeral. The Golden Kiwi saw the greef of the woman and resurrected the son back to life. The woman was so happy, and was for ever glad to Alexander and the Golden Kiwi.