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In 2014 a big updates and changes will be done, March 2014

  • Review of all game articles, category Playing_the_Game
    • divide into section, give every section to the uber editor
  • Review of all files uploaded
  • Review of ingame latest update page and update the info from them with history pages
    • WTF - no 2014 in history pages... Terrible.
  • Review of forum pages and using useful topics and posts for wiki update
  • Template review
    • Nice pile of work
  • Writing notability policy, so that we can nuke hundreds, if not thousands, of citizen/company/organization pages

April 2014

  • New translation project
  • Pushing the wiki propaganda on erep and erep forum to inform the people that wiki is important
  • Creating of pages:
    • Combat order page/sub page
    • Weekly challenge
    • Country Economy page (Taxation of regions)

As in 2010 and 2011, in my comeback year my daily and weekly tasks will include: