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Name of the article
Homepage - check translations
Change residence
Achievements + changes for the medals that are not actually paid more in gold + styling + translations
Article - translations
Newspaper - languages
House - translation update
Military unit - review translations
Combat stash - review (some notes added)
Raw materials - languages
Impeachment - redesign
Gold bonus
2011_eRepublik_Rebellion - kamo staviti slike?
Daily order
Import Tax
Income Tax
Monetary market - remove speculation; add more pictures; remove linking from first paragraph, give a chance to other
Battle priorities - military template; TOCright, some styling
Batzooka - Special weapon template?, some styling
Bazooka - Special weapon template?, some styling
Bomb - Special weapon template?
Rocket - Special weapon template?
Division battles - provjeriti jezike!!!
Defence shield - linkovi
Fight - major review; linkovi do medalja
High Command - što s tim? ništa ne vodi do ovdje
List of militaries by country - archiving
Mutual Protection Pact - na MPP?
Military tutorial - review
Military rank -
Military -
Natural enemy - military template?
Rocket factory - review; maknuti redirect
Snowman - usporediti sa Henchmenom
Soldier - dodati info za regiment; MU, itd.
War - language control
Minister of Defence - translation update
Declare war, - is this still valid? Yes, it is.
Donate - review - maybe splitting it; removal Personal Titles links
Storage - removing Personal titles link
Country administration - remove message links
FAQ - obsolete
Forfeit points - template?
Latest Game Changes - combining it with history?
Page shortcuts - common shortcuts in other article?
Special offers - nothing points there!
Supply pack - ??
True patriot - link to rankings + to the medal
Time in eRepublik,
Upload avatar picture,
War stash - review (some notes added)
Health kit - red link removal
Gold and Extras - update urgent
Dissolve - provjeriti jezike
Inflation - archive; Economy version has to be created
Economy - language updates
All titles - a page or redirect?
Work tax - lowercase correction
My places
Buildings - review languages - Residence archive, change the link, my places link add instead of my land
Minimum wage/Suomi - zanimljiv template
Products - large update needed
Category:Raw Materials - hrvatske bi sve trebalo ažurirati!!! Riješio do Fish
President - update with political titles; remove Citizen message
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of Romanian Staff
Press director
Party president
Presidents - update of presidential history
Congress elections - add "Party members can apply for congressional candidature each month between the 16th and 23rd." 2. Party president can modify the final list only on the 24th of each month.
Voting system - language control + captain elections (history)
Division of congress members - archive to v1
Party - provjeriti
Political title - dodati kako predsjednik određuje titles i ažurirati jezike.
Political takeover - translation update
Knowledge base; splitting it in Knowledge_base/1 , Knowledge_base/2 for every KB article?
Gold - translate controla
Template:Missions/Normal missions
Accepting citizenship - update translations
Alerts - update translations
Airstrike - translation updates
ERepublik Jargon
Organization - split organization to Rising, leave national organization

New pages

Disambig and other

Moving procedure

[[{{ns:project}}:Naming_policy]] - capitalization rule

Check language versions

Category:Removed features

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