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9 November 2010
1 January 2013

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How do a multi-language template

This little text for explain how create a multi-language template. There is 3 mandatory part for it, the main template, the core and the English version. For this example, we want to make this template : {{MyMultiLangTemplate}}

The main template

This page will be with the MyMultiLangTemplate name.


The core template

This page will be the core of your template, named MyMultiLangTemplate/Core. There you'll put all your code. Write your code like you want it show.

'''My example''' : [[User:Azaret|My page]]

Now, you must change text to translate by variable. You can put all Name you want for variable, but put the text is better.

'''{{{My example|My example}}}''' : [[User:Azaret|{{{My page|My page}}}]]

Then you can change links for that, in translated template, the link automatically to translated page. with that : {{#ifeq: {{SUBPAGENAME}}|{{BASEPAGENAME}}||/{{SUBPAGENAME}}}}. just put it after the link.

'''{{{My example|My example}}}''' : [[User:Azaret{{#ifeq: {{SUBPAGENAME}}|{{BASEPAGENAME}}||/{{SUBPAGENAME}}}}|{{{My page|My page}}}]]

And that all, you have your core template ready.

The English template

It's simple, you must use there the core template, like that :


For other translated page, you must set variable (if your core is in english, else you must set them for the english version too). Just set variable as variable of template. For example for MyMultiLangTemplate/Espanol :

{{MyMultiLangTemplate/Core|My example=Mi ejemplo|My page=Mi pagina}}



According to the eRepublik Wiki, I made my first edit here on the 22 August 2009, 10:51.

I am also the main supporter for the countries Icon-France.png France and Icon-Paraguay.png Paraguay.

Citizen Page - Azaret

This user page template was taken from the colleague Rowan Quigley. I hope he doesn't mind.


Icon-Paraguay.png This user lives in the Paraguay.
(In eRepublik).
Coat-France.gif This user uses French (Français).
ALA.jpg This user uses Latino Spanish (Español Latino).

My Travels

I have been to the following countries:

Icon-Brazil.pngBrazil · Icon-Italy.pngItaly · Icon-Hungary.pngHungary · Icon-Canada.pngCanada · Icon-Argentina.pngArgentina · Icon-Netherlands.pngNetherlands · Icon-Poland.pngPoland · Icon-Sweden.pngSweden · Icon-Ukraine.pngUkraine · Icon-Russia.pngRussia · Icon-Japan.pngJapan · Icon-Turkey.pngTurkey · Icon-Serbia.pngSerbia · Icon-USA.pngUSA · Icon-Bolivia.pngBolivia · Icon-Peru.pngPeru · Icon-Philippines.pngPhilippines ·

I would like to visit:

Icon-UK.pngUK · Icon-Romania.pngRomania · Icon-Australia.pngAustralia · Icon-Indonesia.pngIndonesia · Icon-Uruguay.pngUruguay · Icon-Switzerland.pngSwitzerland ·