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Angela Williams (Born September 15, 2011) is an active member of the eUK and currently resident of the region of Scotland and has been since his eBirth. Angela is an investor in business as well asa memberofthe Trade Federation. Angela has never sold shares inhercompany 'Leumas' butowns shares inseveral companies.She currently runs a small food factory and growing gun factory.Angela has been three time party candidate for seats in congress for Scotland, and won a seat as well as gettignthe highest number ofvotes nationally.She was most recently a member of UKPP, Coming second In a recent PP election she was given the roll of Media Manager for the party before resigning from the roll. After her resignation she was awarded the position of Parties Regional Manager for Scotland Later she became the Parties RM Manager and later went to becoeme the Head of Recruiting whilst holding on to her previous positions. Angela is currently trying to advanceinthe fields in politics and business portfolio and often writes about them in her Newspaper 'Ask Angie.'