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Erepublik Profile

DrogbaPT in his library reading a small paper. Apparently DrogbaPT is wearing glasses. Les't hope he doesn't have a serious eye problem.

I am a Comandos member which means Iam part of the Elite Portuguese Army. I respect everyone unless they disrespect me. I don't like people who think they are good without giving enough proof.

I try to help every newbie that comes to Erepublik by answering their questions and showing them my tutorial. You can know more about me below :D. I hope you like it xD

About me

Hello! Iam DrogbaPT. Above it's a litle description of me. Here I will put a bit more detailed information about myself. So iam a 15 years old portuguese kid who likes playing Erepublik and some other games. Anyway iam a Wiki editor and I think I have contributed for this wiki. I made the Portugal article from 0 to what's it's now :). Also I have made my biography which it's not complete yet but I only write there when I feel I should write :). I don't care if people like or not of my biography. I made it for fun and to spend some of my time while I was waiting to go outside because of the rain.

More details about? Hmmmm... les't see. Ah I know. What I have done in Erepublik. Well I can say I never tried to be President, Mayor or Congress and never created a newspaper. I have fought in a few wars ( Turkey and Hungary) and I work everyday. I plan working on food skill until I reach skill 6.00 and then move to weapons.

Currently Iam not very rich I think. But that depends on my definition of being rich. My goal at the moment is to keep working and training and to get a high rank in military ( which is hard). That's all I think. Cya!

A compilation of photos. Yep I know iam beautiful :P.Nah joking but if you want more photos of me just PM me ingame and I will see what I can do :P.

My articles

These are my articles that I made :). Two were just "copy-paste" but I made the images ;). I hope you like it. Btw I posted this just to make my life easier. I mean instead of I write "Portugal" in the search just to get the Portugal article I just go to my profile (yeah for me going to the profile is almost automatic when I enter this wiki :P so it's easier this way). Some articles still need to be completed but I can't do everything :P. Cya all :)

27 November 2008
18 June 2009




Portugal/Portugal Defense Center