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Citizen13025.jpg Over The Hills And Far Away!

Married to Cristesco since March 17 2008!

  • We are a community full of life and imagination ... And this was proved by the presence without fail on beer, at Irish Pub! We are people who get involved and are always present there where is talk of beer and socio-economic-political-military.
8 July 2008
18 June 2009

  • Imagination is very important for any man living, who has a sigh, feels joy and hurt and feels he is alive.
  • Those who are more talented in the areas for which it was created this great game-simulator (social, economic, political and military) are my guests to come up with ideas, and we will find arguments on the road.
  • More about me... here
Life in eRepublik

I am also "Proud to be eRomanian!"

  • 09 ianuarie 2008 - born as a free eCitizen.
  • More, is "History"...