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This article contains the religious views of Solomonism. (What's this?)


Solomon writing three of the Big Four

Rules of Solomonism
15 holy Commandments of Solomonism · 10 great sins of Solomonism
Holy Book of Wisdom
Book of The Temple · Book of Aram Naharaim · Book of Mind of Solomon · Book of the Returning
Holy Cities
Jerusalem district
Prominent figures
Jacobaus · Emorfion
Holy Ranks of Solomonism
Learner · Stander · Reader · Mal · Wisdom Scholar · Teacher · Priest · High Priest · Great Priest · Solomon
Current Great Priest · 15 holy Commandments of Solomonism · The most holy rank in Solomonism · Scripture · Holy Party · 10 great sins of Solomonism · The Religion

Wisdom Scholar is a man that tries to understand the idea behind the Book of Wisdom and the stories and the legends. He tries to understand th thinking of God and the thoughts the accured to Solomon when he wrote three of the Big four: