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Religious Texts
The Book of Cozlam
Prominent figures
Cozza Akbar · Ezekiel Thomas

Cozlam is the largest of all the religions in Australia. The Principle beliefs center around the teachings of the Man-God Cozza Akbar and the head prophet Ezekiel Thomas. These teachings are chronicled in the Book of Cozlam. Cozlam's holy center is the region of Tasmania. Cozza Akbar purchased this from the Australian government during the term of Tim09 for 1 AUD.


It has been said that while Cozza Akbar was born on Day 294 of the New World, he was always around in one form or another. The New World was born from his imagination He watched from the outside until day 294 when he felt the time was ripe for his coming to the land of the mortals. Cozza Akbar will lead the Cozlamic State of Tasmania into eternal paradise.

Holy Scriptures

The Book of Cozlam is a book written by the prophet Ezekiel Thomas. It is based upon the teachings of Cozza Akbar. It aims to educate and lead Cozlamists in the path to the eternal paradise.

Quote from The Book of Cozlam

 To eDie for Cozlam is Cowardly. To be Temp Banned is a noble Gesture. To be Perm Banned is a great sacrifice and will never be forgotten in the eyes of Cozza Akbar. And that person may live in Paradise in the afterlife.