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funky44 is a beloved member of the UK community. He is an experienced politician, soldier and entrepreneur, almost comparable to Gaius Julius Caesar of old times. He has participated in war and politics and in general he has been an active and caring individual, often sacrificing his own personal gain for that of others.

funky44 User_72421.jpg Society Political party UK Reform Nationality UK Date of birth February 10th 2008 Residence UK Contents [hide]

   * 1 Personal Description
   * 2 Military History
   * 3 Political History
   * 4 Positions Held

Personal Description

funky44 was born on Feb 10th 2008. He has made an impact both on the social and military aspects of the UK. He is a veteran of six wars, former Party President (UK Reform), and an active member of British society. He has a newspaper, The free insider. Military History

Funky44 joined the military during the first Sweden-Germany war and was assigned to UK Paratroopers. Due to his skill and strength he was promoted into the UK Elite. He has served in six wars overall (Indonesia-South Africa War, World War I, UK-France, UK-Belgium and WW3). Political History

During summer 2008 funky was one of the more active members within the UK Reform Party. When Katie resigned as party president due to other commitments, funky44 took the role of Party President. He was very task-orientated and organised, but unfortunately just before next elections he had to resign too, leaving Dishmcds to run for country president.

In February 2009 funky44 decided to run for UK Reform party president again. He gained a landslide of votes and was cheered into office. He held his position till April 2009, not deciding to run for third term due to other busies. His terms as PP saw an internal reform of the UKRP, new and active members taking power within the party. Positions Held

   * UK Paratrooper
   * UK Elite
   * UK Reform Party President
   * Apprentice to the Minister of Trade (Sept 7th 2008 - October 2008)
   * Apprentice to the Minister of Defence (October 7th - November 2008)
   * Minister of Defence (Mid-November 2008 - December 20th 2008)
   * Minister of Trade (February 2009 - March 2009)
   * UKRP Party President (February 15th 2009 - April 15th 2009)
   * UK SAS member (April 15th 2009 -)