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Citizen Page - Eugene Harlot

Eugene Harlot was born in Ohio in the days before v1. He was active in Housing from the start, working for whichever company paid the highest wage. Since v1, he has concentrated his skills on building high quality defense systems for Goliath's and AWP.

He became active in Ohio in the RfC party and began the first census of Ohio. He worked with many prominent Ohio politicians during this time including Royamen, Citizen HEM and GoBucks. During this time, Eugene Harlot joined with some friends and acquaintances from another message forum to create the political party, Brotherhood Without Banners. Though interested in politics, he did not seek office because he found his true calling in the New World. Eugene Harlot was a soldier.

Harlot enlisted in the Army and was blessed to be assigned to the 4th Squad under the command of Daniel Canyon. Harlot's initiative, organization and dedication to soldiering caught the attention of his superiors and Sgt. Harlot received his first command when Daniel Canyon transfered to the Marine Corps. Sgt. Harlot invested great amounts of time and effort to mold "The Fightin' Fourth" into the model US Army squad. He received several commendations for his work, but Harlot was growing frustrated with knocking the skulls of lazy grunts and the lack of combat. He decided to follow his former squad leader to the Marine Corps. Such was Sgt. Harlot's commanding charisma and the dedication of his soldiers to him, that many followed him in this transition.

Lieutenant Harlot now, began in the Marine Corps commanding the 3rd Platoon, which was known at that time as "Harlot's Leathernecks." This platoon, later Company B, 1st Platoon, was known for exemplary organization, communication and battle-readiness. When the Marine Corps expanded to Companies, Harlot was promoted to Colonel and took command of Company B, a position he still maintains.

Beyond his duties as Company Commander, Colonel Harlot also directs Marine Corps recruiting. He is resource to Marines throughout the Corps, available to answer questions and offer advice and encouragement. He is a dedicated war-fighter with combat experience in every US conflict since WWI and many resistance wars.

Colonel Harlot is rumored to have other covert responsibilities with the eUnited States Government.