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According to the Erepublik Wiki, I made my first edit here on 7 July 2009, 21:57. I am editing Croatian pages, and making new one. I enjoy spending time on Wiki, it's completly new side of the game. If you wanna know what have I done in eRepublik world, check my citizen page - Hurkancs


Icon-Croatia.png This user lives in The Croatia.
(eRepublik and RL).
Icon-eRepublik.png This user's eRepublik account is here.
Icon-United Kingdom.png This user uses British / English.
Coat-Croatia.png This user uses Croatian.
Icon - Titanium (Rising).png This user was a eRepublik Rising (V2) Beta Tester.
Flag-Croatia.jpg This user is a member of the
eRepublik Croatia WikiProject.
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