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jamster737 started on the 7/1/2010 in the euk In 10 days he started a company british oil 17/1/2010 he then closed his company after making a large profit. He then invested some of that money in his own newspaper (the jamster times). He moved to the iron industry and created jamster iron which is still open to this day much later in his career he decided to try out politics he joined the RFA party and ran for his first congress election and he won and obtained his seat in the south west of england. He was appointed the junior vice party president of the RFA party. After the caos in the RFA party when it was shut down by temujin94 he decided to follow temujin94 to belgium and start a new political career there on his 10th day of being in eBelgium he was accepted as the MoFA secretary to mittekemuis and on the 9/2/2011 he became the ambassador to newzealand. After that he decided to open a grain company in Belgium and that is also still open to this day.