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eJudaism is a belief that has been around since BETA.



Israel fell to Turkey before V1 was released, and it was thought that the eJews (followers of eJudaism) would be a forgotten race in the world. Fortunately, many traveled to other countries such as Austria, USA, and Canada. Israel is considered the "homeland" of eJudaism, although it is now debatable as the number of eJews is unknown internationally.


eJudaism really has few, if any, traceable origins. It has always been a stable in conversation within IRC-based clients; often the religion is used to criticize successful businessmen. Although its founders are not well known, it has been revived through word of mouth, mostly from constantly outspoken supporters of Israel. At the head of the "eJew Revival," was Jewitt and Bertil Gurkvatten, though Gurkvatten has since gone into the abyss of "two-clicking."

Since the "eJew Revival," eJudaism has exploded in popularity, comparatively to that of Lewisism or other "lulz"-based religions. It was once a strong faith centered around the noble people of fallen Israel, though now it is another sect of religions which have a humorous undertone. Successful businessmen, greedy practices, and national leaders are all susceptible to being labeled an eJew, or part of the eJudaism belief. To be eJewish does not necessarily mean that the player is a true Hebrew in real-life. Often times these are rich members of society wishing to make themselves seem more esteemed, or add "lulz" to a conversation.


eJudaism has spread slowly, but steadily. It mostly has become a "cult fad," as described by Benn Dover, another outspoken eJew. It mostly gains popularity from those which seek to progress in a capitalist economy or is the faith of those which already have. Today, "Jew" (a poor phrasing of "eJew") is synonymous with "Rich" or "Greedy."



The eJews believe in a simple concept: Using the prophets' names in vain in forbidden of the Lord's, as well as coveting GOLD. An odd occurrence, as GOLD is not recognized by most eJews, but "Jewgold" is recognized. It is mathematically figured by 1 Jewgold = 10.003270921 GOLD. Standard conversations and informal transactions see 1 Jewgold = Icon-gold.gif 10 GOLD. Jewgold can also be called "Hebullion" and "Jewsauce" casually.

Most eJews keep their rituals and practices a secret, which is why little is known about them or their traditions.


eJudaism formally accepts multiple texts, anywhere from the works of laissez-faire capitalism to propaganda against The Party. The basic values of eJudaism are quite straight forward.

"The love of money is to bring death, but the pursuit of wealth to further the benefit of brothers and sisters is righteous and thus." -Unknown

Collectively, eJews believe in a higher god, though they rarely describe him or her to any non-eHebrew. They also keep all practices and specific beliefs to themselves; typically as a right of secrecy and to "play off" the conspiracy theories around their faith.

Most, if not all, of eJews generally are expected by the age of three (3) months of the eLifes to be successful business owners. Of course, this is never true and often times brings ridicule and insults from their peers.

Global Scene


The eJews are supposedly responsible for all the problems and successes of the global economy, as well as the national economies, within eRepublik. There are multiple controversies spoken freely about which define the eJews as a greedy and capitalist "race" bent on world domination. No trace of evidence has been brought to subject as of yet.


Controversies also exist that the eJews are in higher levels of the governments in the "western world," which include the USA, Canada, Spain, France and Sweden.

Outspoken eJews