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Disclaimer: this is used as my testing ground and ideas bin. Do not pay too much serious attention to anything on this page.


Link Templates

We have Template:FlagLink and Template:CountryLink, why not expand?



[[File:Citizen-{{{1}}}.jpg|40px]] '''[[{{{1}}}]]'''


{{CitizenLink|Martin23230}}: Citizen1271099.jpg Martin23230

{{CitizenLink|Dio Brando}}: Citizen1356 v2.jpg Dio Brando


Limited. First idea: on country pages for lists of congressmen/presidents.


Large: ALL avatars would need to be renamed to follow the Citizen-X.jpg format. New members would need to upload theirs in this format as well.



[[File:Party-{{{1}}}.jpg|40px]] '''[[{{{1}}}]]'''


{{PartyLink|United Slavs}}: Party-United Slavs.jpg United Slavs

{{UserLink|United States Workers Party}}: Party-United States Workers Party.jpg United States Workers Party


Similar to above; on country pages.


Same as above: ALL logos would need to be renamed to follow the Party-X.jpg format.

Basic Templates

The above would all be uniform. Like the two existing formats, there would also be "Basic" versions; the image without the text.


{{FlagLink|Czech Republic}}: Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic {{SmFlag|Czech Republic}}: Flag-Czech Republic.jpg

{{CountryLink|Czech Republic}}: Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic {{FlagBall|Czech Republic}}: Icon-Czech Republic.png


{{CitizenLink|Martin23230}}: Citizen1271099.jpg Martin23230 {{SmCitizen|Martin23230}}: Citizen1271099.jpg

{{PartyLink|United Slavs}}: Party-United Slavs.jpg United Slavs {{SmParty|United Slavs}}: Party-United Slavs.jpg


These could be much more useful for the pages stated above, not only because if the Avatar/Logo is changed then it will change everywhere.


However, for Template:FlagLink we have Template:SmFlag and for Template:CountryLink we have Template:FlagBall. I would rename them to follow a standard format. Therefore:

Link version Basic version
Template:FlagLink Template:SmFlag


  1. Format Template:CountryLink to say {{Country|{{{1}}}}} '''[[{{{1}}}]]'''
  2. Format Template:SmFlag to say [[File:Flag-{{{1}}}.jpg|20px|border]]
  3. Format Template:FlagLink to say {{Flag|{{{1}}}}} '''[[{{{1}}}]]'''


This would however mess up Template:Citizen, Template:Party and Template:Country. I would suggest moving them to Template:CitizenBox, PartyBox and CountryBox respectively.

  • I admit this did cross my mind, but these are just ideas. You are right, renaming the Basic templates would be better.--Martin23230 08:38, 8 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Alright, how about following the SmFlag idea, so SmCountry, SmCitizen and SmParty. Also, this was always just my ideas page, I was never going to impliment anything without informing you and/or the Bar.--Martin23230 09:45, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

Wars Table

Work in Progress

Agressor Defender Defender's Allies Victor Article
Icon-Belgium.png Belgium Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom China, Ireland, Romania, USA Defenders Belgium-United Kingdom War
Icon-Slovakia.png Slovakia Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic None Defenders Slovakia-Czech Republic War
Icon-USA.png USA Icon-Canada.png Canada None Stalemate USA-Canada War
Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova Icon-Romania.png Romania Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, United Kingdom Defenders Moldavia-Romania War
Icon-Turkey.png Turkey Icon-Israel.png Israel None Agressors Turkey-Israel War
Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia Icon-Australia.png Australia Bulgaria, South Africa Agressors Indonesia-Australia War
Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan Icon-India.png India None Agressors Pakistan-India War
Icon-Norway.png Norway Icon-Finland.png Finland None Agressors Norway-Finland War
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Icon-Denmark.png Denmark Bulgaria, South Africa Agressors Sweden-Denmark War
Icon-Japan.png Japan Icon-South Korea.png South Korea None Agressors Japan-South Korea War
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Icon-Germany.png Germany None Agressors Sweden-Germany War
Icon-Norway.png Norway Icon-Russia.png Russia Poland Agressors Norway-Russia War
Icon-China.png China Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan Indonesia, Iran, Germany Agressors China-Pakistan War
Icon-France.png France Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland None Agressors France-Switzerland War
Icon-Italy.png Italy Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland None Agressors France-Switzerland War
Icon-Romania.png Romania Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine Turkey Agressors Romania-Ukraine War
Icon-Germany.png Germany Icon-Poland.png Poland Czech Republic, USA Agressors Germany-Poland War
Icon-Hungary.png Hungary Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic Bulgaria, Poland, USA Agressors Hungary-Czech Republic War
Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia Icon-South Africa.png South Africa Argentina, USA, Venezuela Agressors Indonesia-South Africa War
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Icon-Germany.png Germany None Agressors Second Sweden-Germany War
Icon-Turkey.png Turkey Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria None Agressors Balkan War
Icon-Turkey.png Turkey Icon-Greece.png Greece Romania Agressors Balkan War
Icon-Mexico.png Mexico Icon-Spain.png Spain None Ongoing Ibero-American War
Icon-Mexico.png Mexico Icon-Portugal.png Portugal None Stalemate Ibero-American War
Icon-Mexico.png Mexico Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela None Stalemate Ibero-American War
Icon-Romania.png Romania Icon-Hungary.png Hungary None Ongoing World War I
Icon-Brazil.png Brazil Icon-Argentina.png Argentina Romania, United Kingdom, USA Ongoing Brazil-Argentina War
Icon-Spain.png Spain Icon-Portugal.png Portugal Iran, Turkey, Indonesia,
Russia, Hungary, Netherlands
Ongoing Spain-Portugal War
Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia Icon-Argentina.png Argentina USA, Spain, Romania, United Kingdom,
Sweden, Poland, Norway
Ongoing Indonesia-Argentina War
Icon-Finland.png Finland Icon-Norway.png Norway None Agressors Finland-Norway War
Icon-Spain.png Spain Icon-Brazil.png Brazil None Ongoing World War II
Icon-Spain.png Spain Icon-France.png France Indonesia, Iran Ongoing World War II
Icon-Spain.png Spain Icon-Italy.png Italy None Ongoing World War II
Icon-Spain.png Spain Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela None Ongoing World War II
Icon-Turkey.png Turkey Icon-Greece.png Greece Pakistan Agressors Turkey-Greece War
Icon-Canada.png Canada Icon-France.png France Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran Ongoing World War II
ATLANTIS invasion of France
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Icon-France.png France Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran Ongoing World War II
ATLANTIS invasion of France
Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Icon-France.png France Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran Defenders World War II
ATLANTIS invasion of France
Icon-USA.png USA Icon-France.png France Italy, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran Ongoing World War II
ATLANTIS invasion of France
Icon-USA.png USA Icon-Portugal.png Portugal Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Russia, Hungary, Italy Ongoing World War II
Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan Icon-Iran.png Iran None Ongoing Pakistan-Iran War
Icon-Romania.png Romania Icon-Russia.png Russia Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, Portugal, Italy Agressors Romania-Russia War
Icon-Iran.png Iran Icon-India.png India None Agressors Iran-India War
Icon-Iran.png Iran Icon-China.png China Japan Agressors Iran-China War


See User:Martin23230/Sandbox/Region


Czech Republic
Česká republika
ERepublik mini logo.png Link
eRepublik Country
Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Coat-Czech Republic.jpg
Flag of the Czech Republic Coat of Arms of the Czech Republic
Map-Czech Republic.png
Location of the Czech Republic
  Home Territories 3
  Location Central Europe
  Language(s) Czech, Englsh
  Population 277
  Capital Prague (Northern Bohemia)
  IRC Channel
  Currency Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Koruna (CZK)
  GDP 238.64 Gold
  Inflation -38.98%
  Minimum Wage 2 CZK
  Current President Radim (CRU)
  Major Parties CRU, Nezavislost, US
  Status At Peace
  Allience Affiliation Neutral, ESA
  Average Strength 2.86
Last Updated: Today
ERepublik mini logo.png Link
eRepublik Country
Flag-Romania.jpg Coat-Romania.jpg
Flag of Romania Coat of Arms of Romania
Country map-Romania.png
Location of Romania
  Home Territories 9
  Other Territories 24
  Location Eastern Europe
  Language(s) Romanian, English, Hungarian
  Population 9132
  Capital Bucharest (Muntenia)
  IRC Channel #eRO
  Currency Flag-Romania.png Romanian New Leu (RON)
  GDP 1117.34 Gold
  Inflation 86.82%
  Minimum Wage 1 RON
  Current President Dsalageanu (eUGD)
  Major Parties eUGD, Partidul Liberal, eRMDP-PDMeR
  Status At War with:
Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil
Flag-Iran.jpg Iran
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Flag-Norway.jpg Norway
  Allience Affiliation Flag-ATLANTIS.png ATLANTIS
  Average Strength 3.73
Last Updated: Today


Slovakia-Czech Republic War
ERepublik mini logo.png Link
eRepublik War
Slovak-Czech War.gif
Progress of the War
Flag-Slovakia.jpg Flag-Czech Republic.jpg
Slovakia Czech Republic
  Date 10 April 2008 - 13 April 2008
  Location Central Europe
  Result Czech victory
  Territorial Changes Slovakia annexed