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The Great War
eRepublik War
Map of World War 1
Flag-ATLANTIS.jpg Flag-PEACE.jpg
Members Members
  Date 28 August 2008 - 21 May 2009
  Location Europe, North and South America, Asia
  Result PEACE strategic victory, ATLANTIS dissolved
  Territorial Changes Romanian Empire destroyed, Many countries regain their independence.

The Great War was a global military conflict which involved a majority of the world's nations organized into two opposing military alliances: ATLANTIS and PEACE Global Community. The war was the most widespread in the history of the New World. The Great War is the name given to the many separate wars fought between the two large alliances, including what are considered to be two or three world wars, and many other conflicts around the globe.

The start of the war was 28 August 2008, the day Romania invaded Hungary. This war was the first to pit ATLANTIS (formed on 22 August) and PEACE (formed on 26 August) against each other, and was the first in a long line of conflicts between the alliances which engulfed almost all of the nations of the New World. The first part of the War, known as the First World War, was an ATLANTIS and Romanian victory, annexing almost all of Hungary. After the release of V1, the War turned on ATLANTIS. Argentina was lost and the invasion of France was a failure. Romania decided to launch and offensive through Russia and China into the heart of PEACE. However, renewed aggression from Hungary combined with constant wars in the east eventually lead to Romania’s collapse. Elsewhere, the United States suffered a humiliating defeat in their attempted invasion of Mexico.

The final blow to ATLANTIS though came from within. Sweden and Poland decided to attack Germany, despite it being a "Passive Member" of ATLANTIS. The end of the war is generally considered to be 21 May 2009, the day Poland and Sweden invaded and the then Secretary-General of ATLANTIS, Hassan Pesaran, declared the alliance as dissolved. The war, however, continued, escalating when PEACE members became involved into the Central European War. Conflicts between the two factions of the eWorld continue, and it remains to be seen what alliances will emerge from the ashes of ATLANTIS.


Global Alliances

In July 2008, the eWorld was divided into 4 main alliances;

However, rifts in the Mediterranean Alliance formed between pro-FIST and pro-NA countries. By July, the Mediterranean Alliance had effectively ceased to exist, with the two halves splitting off to join the other groups. Spain and Canada, as well as most of the Northern and PANAM members decided to form a new alliance, ATLANTIS. Talks between the leaders of FIST and the remaining Mediterranean nations also culminated in a new alliance, PEACE GC, to counter it.

Romanian Expansion

The Romanian invasion of Hungary originated from an election promise made by Alex Craciun on April 30, 2008. Translated:

 "We all play this game because of our desire for fun, we have fun by winning, we win by recovering our territories that are now part of Bulgaria and Ukraine; particularly Southern Dobruja and Bukovina. Within this package, we will also have Bulgaria and Hungary; many of you expect that. We will recover these territories through any means necessary! 

Romania had recently formed a union with Republic of Moldova, and Romanian forces invaded Ukraine in May. By August Craciun had been re-elected, and true to his campaign promises invaded Hungary, starting the first ATLANTIS-PEACE conflict that became the Great War.


ATLANTIS members

ATLANTIS membership

At the start of the War, ATLANTIS had 7 Members:

Later members that joined afterwards were:

After Brazil and Indonesia invaded Argentina, it left the alliance and joined PEACE GC.

Other countries joined as "Passive Members" before the alliance ended. They were all candidates for full, active, membership but they never joined before the collapse of ATLANTIS:

* Former PEACE member.

PEACE members

PEACE GC membership

At the start of the war, PEACE was the larger of the alliances, with 14 members:

Later members that joined afterwards were:

* Former ATLANTIS member.
† Turkey left but later rejoined the alliance.


At the time, the Great War was split into different conflicts, as defined by the media and the eRepublik engine. The Romania-Hungary War was first called the First World War in an eRepublik Insider article, and the name stuck when referring to the conflict.

After V1 was created, the conflict between PEACE and ATLANTIS continued, whilst the war in Hungary calmed down. This lead to this period of military action being called the Second World War (Insider article here). This section of the conflict consisted of many different battles and wars grouped together under one heading.

From there, various other actions have been labelled as new World Wars, including the Romanian invasion of Asia, the US invasion of Mexico and the Hungarian counter-attack. Therefore, the whole ATLANTIS-PEACE conflict has been grouped under one heading, the Great War.

Course of the war

Romanian Invasion of Hungary

Hungarian territorial changes after the invasion. The striped regions originally belonged to Hungary and were lost to Romania in the war. The dotted area was conquered by Hungary during the Hungary-Czech Republic War and lost in the First World War along with the pink region which was freed as Slovakia. The regions remaining under Hungarian control are in green.

The conflict began after Romania declared war on Hungary. Romania's declaration came two days after the formation of the PEACE Global Community and was declared before many PEACE protection pacts with Hungary became active. As Romania was a member of ATLANTIS, it was the first time the two alliances faced off against one another. The quickly became the world's bloodiest war, succeeding the earlier Balkan War. Hungary was concurred down to its last few regions, and Slovakia is freed from Hungarian occupation. The war was then halted due to bugs and the impending launch of V1.

War in Argentina

After the launch of V1, PEACE forces invaded Argentina, the sole non-PEACE member in Latin America. Argentina surrenders and joins PEACE.

ATLANTIS invasion of France

At this time Spain also attacked Portugal, and then launched an invasion of France. This coincides with Operation French Toast, a joint ATLANTIS invasion of France involving Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. After some initial success, the PEACE forces reclaim the initiative and reclaim the conquered territory.

Romania in Asia

Soon after, Romania invaded Russian territories, preparing for a war in Asia with the three PEACE powers there: Indonesia, Iran and Pakistan. China and India became a battle ground between Romanian and Indonesian forces, however the war continues into a stalemate.

US invasion of Mexico

At the same time, the United States invades Mexico, but is repulsed by a Portuguese-lead PEACE coalition.


Something about that...

Hungarian offensive

Romania continued to make headway in Asia, reaching down the Indian sub-continent and close to the Indonesian home regions. However, a baby-boom in Hungary leads to them reclaiming many of their lost territories. Romania, hands over Hungarian and Ukrainian territories to Poland as it continues the war in the East. However, PEACE forces in Hungary go on the offensive, reclaiming all of Hungary’s original territories and continuing into Moldavian and Ukrainian territories that had long been held by Romania.

Romania forced out of Asia

In India, the Romanian attacks fail and PEACE forces began to drive them out of Asia. Romania finally collapses, losing all of its conquered territories and its pride.

The collapse of ATLANTIS

This PEACE victory is compounded by a split in ATLANTIS over Germany, who was admitted to the alliance under "trial membership". This culminates in Sweden and Poland invading Germany, finally destroying the unity that held ATLANTIS together and beginning the Central European War.


What happened next...