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Use the game menu above or the sections below to get more information about different aspects of the game. If you're a new citizen, you might want to take a look at the following articles:

  • Daily tasks - What should I do on daily basis?
  • Energy - What is energy and how do I keep it high?
  • My places - What can I find in my places?
  • Experience points - Which features are unlocked after reaching each level?
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The eRepublik Wiki is created and administered by users for users. Citizens like yourself do everything for the wiki except creating wiki accounts.

Like all encyclopedias, the wiki is based on neutral and factual information.

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Selected current eventsedit

World War VII is an ongoing military conflict started on January 8, 2019 by Asteria's attack on Chile. Non aggression pact between Asteria and Argentina/Chile was signed in February 2018, which prevented direct conflicts between the signing parties and guaranteed safety of Argentina's and Chile's core regions. Chile used the NAP to protect its allies against being attacked, eg. USA from losing congress during its year-long occupation by Asteria and its allies.

The NAP was about to expire on January 5, 2019; the signing parties were unable to agree on terms anew and it was not extended. The day after the NAP had expired, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia all proposed Chile as a natural enemy. Within the next 24 hours, Chilean allies retalitated with a total of nine countries attacking Romania. War soon spread over the world, with main war being firstly at Romanian colonies, followed by Hungarian core regions and finally Turkey–Iran. (More...)

Selected historical articleedit

World War I started after Romania declared war on Hungary. Romania's declaration came two days after the formation of the PEACE GC and was declared before many PEACE protection pacts with Hungary became active.

The war, which pitched ATLANTIS forces against the newly formed Global Community PEACEKeeping Force, enveloped twenty-three of twenty-nine world nations and quickly became the world's bloodiest war—succeeding the Balkan Wars—with the Battle for Northern Great Plain becoming the bloodiest battle in any war. That battle succeeded the previous day's Battle for Southern Great Plain, which had in turn succeeded the Spanish Battle for Campeche in the Ibero-American War for the title of "bloodiest battle." (More...)


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