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This is a bot I (MiniBill) will use for making fast changes when, for example, I change a template.

I've changed twice the template for a political party, and I did twice the work that a bot could have done in 10 seconds, spending 30 minutes, hence why I decided I needed a bot.

The source code of the Bot can be found here.

If you need some work from the Bot, just ask in the Talk page.

NB: It won't work on a normal account, because normal accounts can't access wiki pages fast as a bot.

Work done

The bot has been used to:

  • Update Parties' pages
  • Update Wars pages
  • Patrol some pages
  • Add a category to all the userpages
  • Add a notice in talk pages of user who uploaded unused images
  • Update pages pointing to old templates to new ones
  • Draw a map of the wiki
  • Add {{Deletion}} to unused old images
  • Prepare links for wiki integration in V1
  • Substitute Erepublik with eRepublik in every page of the wiki