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I know you well enough to be quite sure I indulge no illusion when

 I imagine that I see you as I wish you to be; simple in manners,
 gentle in tone, proud without conceit, respectful to the old,
 courteous without servility, above all, discreet. Use your wit but
 never display it for the amusement of others; for be sure that if
 your brilliancy annoys an inferior man, he will retire from the
 field and say of you in a tone of contempt, "He is very amusing."
 Let your superiority be leonine. Moreover, do not be always
 seeking to please others. I advise a certain coldness in your
 relations with men, which may even amount to indifference; this
 will not anger others, for all persons esteem those who slight
 them; and it will win you the favor of women, who will respect you
 for the little consequence that you attach to men. Never remain in
 company with those who have lost their reputation, even though
 they may not have deserved to do so; for society holds us
 responsible for our friendships as well as for our enmities. In
 this matter let your judgments be slowly and maturely weighed, but
 see that they are irrevocable. When the men whom you have repulsed
 justify the repulsion, your esteem and regard will be all the more
 sought after; you have inspired the tacit respect which raises a
 man among his peers. I behold you now armed with a youth that
 pleases, grace which attracts, and wisdom with which to preserve
 your conquests. All that I have now told you can be summed up in
 two words, two old-fashioned words, "Noblesse oblige."